Best Maze Generator – Labyrinth Builder with Commercial Use

Best Maze Generator: If you’re tired of being disappointed by maze generators on the market, then we’ve got the perfect tool for you. Maze generators on the market usually underperform when it comes to features. They either make very boring mazes, or they lack options that would make your maze stand out. Until now, there haven’t been any truly good maze creators available. Once the BP Maze Generator was released, everything changed. Let’s take a look at it…

Best Maze Generator

Types of Mazes

If you want your mazes in a variety of shapes, then look no further. With various different shaped mazes, you’ll be able to make tons of KDP puzzle books for your customers, or simply create mazes for yourself.

These are the following types of mazes available in this software:

circle grids (polar), hex grids, triangle grids, rectangle grids and custom grids (masked grids).

With custom grids, you can upload your own silhouetted images and create any shape maze you like.

maze generator software

Maze Generator Outputs

There are also a number of different outputs that you can use for your mazes, such as PNG, BMP, JPG, SVG and PDF. So depending on the software that you have, you can easily put together a complete book. I like to make PNG images and then use the Bulk Import tool from the amazing Puzzle Generator to quickly import my images to PowerPoint. Then I use the same tool to add Bleed and Page Numbers. By combining these tools, I can make a complete book in minutes.

Maze Generator Algorithms

There are lots of different algorithms, so you can make each of your mazes feel different, as well as control the overall difficulty. There are 8 algorithms included in this maze builder: Binary Tree, Hunt And Kill, Sidewinder, Aldous Broder, Wilsons, Kruskals, Recursive Backtracker, Prims.

Binary Tree – easiest
Sidewinder – easy and predictable
Wilsons – easy
Hunt and Kill – medium
Aldous Broder – medium hard
Recursive Backtracker – hard
Prims – harder
Kruskals – hardest

Maze Generator Obstacles

A fun new addition to mazes is to add obstacles or monsters into mazes. When trying to find the exit, you’ll want to avoid the monsters. This is similar to dead ends, but much more fun.

There a number of monsters that can be instantly added into your maze puzzles using this software.

Maze Features

Customization is a very important part of making a good maze puzzle.

With this tool, you’re able to choose the maze entry and exit points – to either maintain consistency or to make mazes more unique.

You can also choose the solution type for your solutions. You can use lines, dots or a fill color. If your mazes are in black and white, then these options are a great way to help customers better see the solution. Test them all out and see which one works best for your mazes.

One of my favorite features is the ability to resize and replace arrows. This might seem like a small feature, but it’s actually missing from most tools. Being able to make your arrows bigger will help people with eyesight problems to better see your puzzles.

You’ll find all of these and many more options in the maze generator.

If you’d like to find out more about it, you can find it here.