Free Puzzle Generators for KDP Books

Free Puzzle Generators for KDP Books: There’s lots of software available to help you make puzzles for your KDP books, but most of them can be pretty expensive. As someone who tries to save as much as possible, I started out using various free tools that I found online. I’ll show you some of the best options I’ve found, and you can see what works best for you.

At the end, I’ll also show you the paid tool that I started using that makes me $3000 a month in KDP sales.

Free Word Search Generator

Word searches are one the biggest selling books on Amazon. They sell all year around but do especially well during Christmas and other holidays. This is because you can use themed word lists to make a variety of different books. Instead of random words, focus your word search books around a specific theme and you can make a variety of books for every audience type. Here’s where I find hundreds of themed word lists online.

My top free word search generator is HelpTeaching.

Free Coloring Book Generator

Coloring books are both for adults for kids. You now get a variety of books for all ages available on Amazon. For kids, the pictures are super simple and easy to design. Adult coloring books need more detail in their images, but they will sell for a much higher price. For simple coloring books, you simply need to remove color from images to leave a black and white image that can be colored in again. There aren’t many free tools that do this well. The next tool uses an adjustable slider that lets you make the final image look really good. It’s especially impressive for a free puzzle generator for KDP books.

The free coloring generator is RapidResizer.

Free Sudoku Generator

Out of everything on this list – sudoku will be the most common puzzle type of all. They are fast to make and once you’ve found the right setup, you can replicate it over and over again. You can vary the difficulty to work for ages from 6 to 100. Throw in some themes that people are passionate about and you can make a full-time income with your range of sudoku books. Just make sure that your puzzles are large enough for the majority of your customers to see. Most of the complaints you’ll find on Amazon are from books that try to squeeze too many puzzles onto each page.

The best free puzzle generator for KDP books I’ve found is from PrintableCreative.

Free Maze Generator

Mazes are notoriously difficult to make. You’ll need specialized software to create them, as most tools don’t make them difficult enough. You’ll also want some variety in your mazes. If you’re only creating the classic square mazes – your audience will get bored pretty quickly. The most popular type of mazes are the ones that can be shaped into any shape. Dog-shaped, cat-shaped, horse-shaped puzzles, etc. These types of mazes allow you to make a variety of themed maze books.

The best free maze generator I’ve found is MazeGenerator.

Free Math Worksheet Generator

Math worksheets can be used to help kids with their schoolwork, as well as for brain exercises. You’ll get unique equations with every new page generation. The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the puzzles are not too difficult for your audience, ie. know what age you’re targeting before you start generating your worksheets.

My top free math worksheet generator is HelpTeaching.

Color By Number Generator

This type of puzzle is also pretty difficult to create. You’ll have to test out a variety of images before you find some that work just right. You’ll also need to choose images according to the difficulty level you’re after. When it comes to puzzle books, the harder they are to create – the less competition you’ll need to compete against. It usually amounts to additional sales.

The top free color by number generator I’ve found is PBNify.

Free Puzzle Generators for KDP Books

When using free puzzle generators for KDP books creation – make sure that you always check the license terms of usage. You must have commercial rights before you can use any puzzles in your books.

Best Puzzle Generator for KDP (Paid)

puzzle generator
Puzzle Generator Powerpoint Add-In

Finally, here’s the puzzle generator that I use to make all my KDP puzzle books. It has a huge variety of puzzle types available, so you can create a range of books to sell. You also get full commercial rights, so you can use the puzzles in your books, or sell them if you like. I make a full-time income from my range of books that sell throughout the year.

This puzzle generator gets constant updates. The current list of puzzles is – warships, sudoku, word puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, calcudoku, crosswords, coloring pages, tic tac toe, nurikabe, kakurasu, number place, ABC path, hangman, missing vowels, skyscraper puzzles, mazes, cryptograms, and mine finder puzzles.

The reason I only use this tool to create my puzzles is down to how much control it gives me for each puzzle type. Before creating any puzzle type, you’ll be given a huge list of options so that you can make your puzzles exactly the way you want them. You can edit things like the number of puzzles per page, the sizes of puzzles, their position, fonts, and a bunch of other options. It works through Powerpoint, which is the best way to design your puzzles. If you’ve only ever used Powerpoint for slideshow presentations, you’ve been missing out on a powerful tool. Powerpoint lets you instantly create high quality PDF books automatically once you’ve perfected your design.

This is the best puzzle generator I’ve ever come across.