Helium 10 vs Publisher Rocket vs Book Beam vs Bookbolt

Helium 10 vs Publisher Rocket vs Book Beam vs Bookbolt: In this article, we’ll compare the best tools for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). These tools include Bookbolt, Helium 10, Publisher Rocket, and Book Beam. Each of these tools have their own unique features and benefits, and we’ll delve into each one to help you decide which tool is the best fit for your unique publishing needs.

There are new KDP tools popping up every so often, but these 4 options are the best of the bunch. As a book publisher, it can be challenging to decide which tool is the best for your needs. Depending on the type of book you’re publishing, you would definitely want to choose the right option from these tools. Let’s take a look at which KDP tool will work best for you:

Publisher Rocket: Best for Category Search

Publisher Rocket is a tool that has been around for years. It has several features, but the most valuable ones are the keyword search feature and the category search feature. It is also the only tool that does not have a subscription fee. You pay once, and it’s yours forever.

Keyword Search

The keyword search feature can provide a bunch of different keyword ideas based on the keyword you enter. It gives you data such as the average number of pages, number of competitors, average price, average monthly earnings, estimated Amazon searches per month, and competitive score. However, the data isn’t always accurate, so it’s best to use this feature mainly for getting keyword ideas.

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Category Search

The category search feature is what makes Publisher Rocket truly shine. It provides a list of all the Amazon categories, which is a feature that very few tools offer. You can find a suitable category that your book fits into – that isn’t as well-known. This will help you get the orange bestseller badge. This badge is a significant social proof for your book and almost always increases your sales.

Publisher Rocket is a one-time payment tool, making it a good option for beginners.

Bookbolt: Best for Low Content Books

Bookbolt is a popular tool, especially for low content and medium content/puzzle books. It has two main categories: keyword research/niche research and book creation.

Research Side

Bookbolt offers a variety of features for research. One of the most useful ones is the “cloud” feature. You can enter parameters that you want to check, and it’ll spit out a bunch of different book ideas for you. For example, you can look at the top 100 bestsellers in the category of journals and filter by Best Seller Rank (BSR) and price range. This feature can help you find profitable keywords and book ideas.

Book Creation Side

Bookbolt also has a Creator Studio, where you can customize each page of your book with different elements such as shapes, text, and images. You can also add low-content interior templates such as journals, graphs, and handwriting paper. This feature makes it easy to create unique low-content books within Bookbolt.

The pricing for Bookbolt is either monthly or yearly, with the yearly plan being a bit cheaper. The pro version includes Puzzlewiz – a puzzle book creation software, which is a super handy feature for creating puzzle books.

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Helium 10: Best for Advanced Keyword Research

Helium 10 is primarily for Amazon FBA, but it has a feature called Cerebro that is useful for Amazon KDP. Cerebro is a reverse ASIN search tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and get new keywords for both writing books and better targeting your Amazon ads.

By entering your competitor’s ASIN, you can see all the keywords they rank for and the search volume for each keyword. This feature helps you identify the best keywords to target.

Helium 10 is a subscription-based tool, but you can sign up for free and add Cerebro as an a la carte option, making it cheaper than getting the entire Helium 10 suite.

Book Beam: Most Complete KDP Tool

Book Beam is a newer tool compared to the others, but it offers a feature that no other tool has: The Niche Finder. This feature makes it the easiest way to do keyword research. You can find best-selling books with low reviews, indicating that you can compete with them.

Book Beam is a monthly subscription tool, making it a great option for people who are already making money from publishing and want to upgrade their tools.

Helium 10 vs Publisher Rocket vs Book Beam vs Bookbolt

The best tool for you depends on your specific needs and where you are in your publishing journey. If you’re in low content, Bookbolt is the best option. If you’re just starting and on a budget, Publisher Rocket is a good choice. If you want an advanced keyword research tool, go for Helium 10. And if you want the most complete KDP tool, Book Beam is the way to go.

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Remember, each tool has its strengths and weaknesses. The key is to understand your needs and choose the tool that best fits those needs. Happy publishing!