How to Make and Sell Postcards on Etsy

How to Make and Sell Postcards on Etsy: Postcards are easy to create and are always in demand. There’s always someone who’s interested in having their favorite hobby/pet/destination on a postcard. Funny and sarcastic cards are also good sellers.

With the advent of print on demand, it’s now easier than ever to create and sell postcards without needing to pay any upfront product costs. We’ll show you exactly how to get your postcard business up and running in next to no time.

Why would someone pay for a postcard?

You would be surprised at how many people search for and buy very specific designs. For example, someone that adores their chihuahua is very likely to send postcards with a chihuahua image on the front. The same goes for those that have very niche interests or a weird sense of humor. We can take advantage of this and create specialized products for this audience.

How to Make and Sell Postcards on Etsy

Designing Your Postcards

First, we need to create our postcards. This can easily be done in Canva. If you haven’t used Canva before – it’s a very easy-to-use drag and drop design creator. You can make complex designs in minutes with its built-in tools. You can find more in-depth info here: How to Create Postcards in Canva

Printing Your Postcards

Once you’ve created your design, it’s simply a matter of uploading it to Printful. Choose your product – in this case, postcards – and then upload your image. You can move the image around to make sure it fits well.

Printful is a print on demand company. This means that they don’t charge you immediately for products. You only pay for a product once a customer has ordered it. This means that you’ll never be stuck with a room full of products, as you normally would in sales. And if you connect your Printful account to your Etsy store, Printful will be able to recognize when an order has been made, print the item, and post it to your customer automatically.


You will need an Etsy account setup in order to make sales. Etsy is a very strict company so be sure to read and follow all of their rules. The Etsy platform is home to lots of handmade products and crafting tools. This means that its audience are willing to pay a little extra for quality. Be sure to price your postcards so that you are profitable. Printful will charge you a set price for the base product and for shipping. Etsy also has a lot of weird charges, such as a relisting fee of 0.20c every time a product sells. So, after you’ve made your first sale, check your statistics and make sure that your price covers all your charges.


Etsy has a marketing section that allows you to promote your products in your listing. I’ve had success with some products, and no luck with others. So it’s worth giving it a try to get some attention to your products.

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And there you have it. That’s everything you’ll need to start your very own postcard business on Etsy. You may also want to consider a personalization service. This means that your customer can add something personal to their postcard, such as the receivers name. There is an option in Printful that will allow you to pause orders that are personalized, giving you time to make edits before the order is printed.