How to Make Money With Your PS5

Video games can be used for fun and for profit. Mark Twain said ‘Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ And for avid gamers, this can be a reality. It’s not going to be easy, but it can be fun. So, if you’re confident in your gaming abilities and want to start making money from it – read on. These are the best ways to turn your passion into cold, hard cash.

1. Game Testing

One of the best ways to make money with your PS5 is through game testing. You get access to the latest games and will need to provide feedback on trouble areas, confusing bits, and any bugs that might pop up. Video game testing opportunities for major publishers will pop up on job boards like Indeed and on freelancer marketplaces like Upwork.

For smaller scale video game testing, you can use sites like Gamer Testing:
Game Tester Link
Developer Link

2. Sell Game Inspired Merch

This is one of my favorite methods to make some extra money, as it’s worked pretty well over the years. It centers around selling t-shirts, phone cases and other products with funny or interesting PS5-related designs printed on them. The print on demand company will print and ship the items for you – all you need to worry about is the design.

When you know your Playstation console and games well, it’s easy to come up with unique ideas for merch. However, you have to be extremely careful with copyright infringement. You should never post direct game names, game companies, quotes or images, as you’ll find your account banned really fast. You’ll want to create content that reminds people of their favorite gaming moments without involving any intellectual property.

You can learn more about how to start a t-shirt business here.

How to Make Money With Your Playstation

3. Sell Game Codes

If you have access to game keys that you don’t need, you can make some money selling them online. Playstation, Xbox, PC, Switch are all accepted. Most people don’t bother with buying actual discs anymore. Most of the time, you end up downloading Day 1 patches regardless. Eventually we’ll move into games only being available via digital download. There is already a huge marketplace for game codes and it’s only expanding. One of the best places to buy and sell game codes is CD Keys.

How to Make Money With Your PS5

4. Live Streaming and Content Creation

The PS5 has inbuilt features that make live streaming and content capturing a breeze. It’s easier than ever before to live stream to Twitch or record your highlights and make interesting clips to share on YouTube. Twitch lets you earn money when viewers subscribe to your channel and YouTube shares ad revenue with you. If you make quality content and can get lots of people to watch your videos – then this can be a very lucrative option.

5. PS5 Modding

Now this will definitely be a more controversial take, but I do strongly believe that future Playstation consoles should have backwards compatibility with all their previous games – especially when more and more games are served digitally. In the same vein, I believe that all older PC games should receive some form of update for them to be able to play on the latest version of Windows. PS5 modding lets you run PS2 games on your PS5 console (but not PS3 games unfortunately) – which should have been an option.

The process isn’t exactly difficult, but less technically experienced people would definitely rather pay for someone else to do it for them. If you are technically minded, you could offer this service locally for a fee.

How to Make Money With Your PS5

Those are my 5 top ideas on how to make money with your PS5. As a gamer, I love that this generation has so many options to earn an income while doing something fun. As with any business, you will have to put in time and effort to get things off the ground. Once you’ve got the foundation for your business set up, then only do things become easier.