Stable Diffusion vs Midjourney vs DALL·E 2

Today, we’re going to take a look at the 3 most popular AI image generators and see what types of images they are each best at. These tools are absolutely incredible, so if you haven’t tried any of them out yet, you definitely should.

Hey, guys. So today I’m going to be comparing some outputs from DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. These are my current three favorite AI image creators, but I’m really hoping that more of these tools become available because they’re just so much fun to use. These AI tools can help you make incredible-looking, original art. So today I want to take 10 prompts and test them out in these three AI image generation tools.

I’ll use the same prompts in each tool so we can compare how they hold up to each other. I’ll also be using different types of prompts to get a broader range of images to compare. Art is subjective, so my choices probably won’t be the same as yours, but that’s not really important. All of these tools are incredible anyway. Okay, now let’s check out those images.

Prompt 1

Our first prompt is: A beautiful landscape, mountains, river, forest, raining, cinematic lighting, ultra detailed.

Each of these AI tools gave us a number of images to choose from. I took the one I liked the most from each tool and added them here to compare. But remember, you can just keep regenerating images if you don’t like what you get. I’m just going to go with whatever they gave me on the very first generation.

Okay, so looking at the first lot of images, all of these are pretty amazing. I didn’t give any of them an art style to use, so they’ve all gone in their own direction. The one from Midjourney looks more like a painting. DALL·E 2 did a cartoon effect, and Stable Diffusion went for more realism. All three are incredible.

I could find uses for all of them, but the image I had in my mind when I wrote the prompt was for the one that I see in Stable Diffusion. So that’s going to be my choice. That is my favorite. Absolutely love it. Okay, and then these other images were created at the same time, so it will be the top image that I’ve chosen, as well as the three other variations from each tool.

You can pause the video to get a better look at each image. I’ll also put a link in the description if you want to get a closer look at these images.

Prompt 2

Okay, so prompt number 2 is: An HD image of a galaxy full of stars, intricate, hyper realism, artstation.

I put ArtStation in there because they’ve got a lot of really cool art on their website, so I wanted the pictures to really stand out. That seems to work pretty well with these prompts. So Midjourney went kind of weird with this one. They did a really nice galaxy, but these really big fake-looking stars. It’s not what I was looking for, but it’s really interesting.

DALL·E 2 was just amazing at this. I really love what it came up with. It’s exactly what I had in mind for this kind of prompt. Stable Diffusion was nice as well. It looks like something you would see through, like Hubble telescope or something.

The DALL·E 2 one is just incredible. Absolutely loved it. And if you look at the other images that they’ve made, all the ones by DALL·E 2 are just great. I love everything to do with space and stars and the cosmos, so I could just look at these images from DALL·E 2 forever. Really, really impressive.

Prompt 3

Okay, prompt number 3 is: A beautiful sunrise, hill, grass, oil on canvas, realism.

Okay, these were the top three images. From the prompt, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing. I think Midjourney did really well with this one.

It actually looks more like an oil on canvas painting. I quite like it. The others were okay as well. If you look at the other images that they generated, all fairly simple, but really nice. I would never be able to paint any of this stuff.

So, it’s still very impressive. I’d say Midjourney takes this one.

Prompt 4

Okay. The next prompt is: An elf steering down at a battlefield, long white hair, steampunk, bow and arrows, artstation.

Okay, so, really good results with all three of these. I like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion the most. Midjourney is closer to what I had in mind, except that you can’t really tell it’s an elf. You can’t see the bow and arrow. Stable Diffusion – you can clearly see it’s an elf, but no bow and arrow.

I’m going to go with Midjourney for this one. But if you look at all the other images that they made, Midjourney had some really good alternatives, and so did stable Diffusion. DALL·E 2 was nice as well. It went for more comic or cartoonish results. It’s not what I was after, but the better your prompt is, the closer you’ll get to the image you like.

And my prompts are pretty vague.

Prompt 5

Okay. number 5: 3D render of a huge fish in a deep sea, big eyes, big teeth, biopunk, unreal.

Okay, so I noticed that Midjourney gives really good results when it comes to 3D rendering of images. Like DALL·E 2 and Stable Diffusion do great, but Midjourney normally blows it out of the water. And in this case, I love this image from Midjourney. This is so cool. Those huge eyes and those weird teeth. DALL·E 2 had a really weird fish as well.

Pretty cool. Stable Diffusion did well, as well. I really liked that. I mean, I would rate them Midjourney 1, Stable Diffusion 2, and DALL·E 2 as third place on this one. And if you look at the other results, Midjourney did great.

All of its 3D rendered fish look incredible. Stable Diffusion had some really nice options as well. DALL·E 2’s ones look like some fish you’d find in a really old PC game, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Prompt 6

Okay, number 6: A leopard walking through a deserted city, anime, artstation.

Okay, I really liked all three results on this one. Stable Diffusion was probably closest to what I had in mind. DALL·E 2, pretty close as well. Much more artsy and more colorful. So I would go with Stable Diffusion just barely out of these three. And if we look at other results, yeah, Midjourney’s ones weren’t too great.

DALL·E 2 had a lot of great options. Stable Diffusion had one with a leopard. The other three were some kind of weird leopard-man hybrid. So pretty interesting.

Prompt 7

Okay, prompt number 7: The interior of a new home, big windows, bright lights, hyper realistic, full HD.

Another three great options. Stable Diffusion is by far my favorite. Yeah, it’s just what I had in mind. I mean, I didn’t really tell it exactly what I wanted furniture-wise because I have no imagination, but it just filled out everything and made it look spectacular. So Stable Diffusion takes this one, and if you look at the other results, all of them had really, really good results. And again, with these kinds of tools, if you have enough credits on your account, you can just keep regenerating images and you will find something great in any of these three tools.

Prompt 8

Okay, number 8: A photograph of a medieval castle from afar, clear sky, artstation, hyper-detailed.

Okay, so the one from Midjourney is really cool, really nice castle, but DALL·E 2 is really what I was looking for. It looks like a realistic photograph. It’s like if I went to an old English town with my camera and took a photo, I would get what I see in DALL·E 2. It’s amazing. So DALL·E 2 takes it.

Stable Diffusion came up with like a 3D rendering, something you would find in a video game maybe, but yeah, DALL·E 2 wins this one easily. And if you look at the other examples, Midjourney had some nice other options as well. One was a bit blurry. DALL·E 2 had another nice option. Bottom left-hand corner with all the fog.

I really liked that one as well. But I was really looking for something that looked like a legit photograph and that’s what DALL·E 2 gave me.

Prompt 9

Number 9: A nightmare creature facing forward, red smoke particles, cinematic, unreal engine.

I had no real preconceived idea of what I wanted here. I was just putting in random stuff to see what it would generate. I really liked the stuff from Midjourney and DALL·E 2. But DALL·E 2 takes this one. It’s like really creepy. Some kind of weird sand demon that’s just staring into my soul.

This is pretty awesome. If we look at the other results, Midjourney had a couple of other cool ones. Something with, like, a volcano eruption coming out of its head. And the other four-armed thing in the left-hand corner, DALL·E 2 had another kind of demonic creature in the top left-hand corner. I wasn’t too impressed with the options from Stable Diffusion, but again, if you give it a better prompt, you’ll get better results.

Prompt 10

Okay, number 10: A beautiful forest, pop art.

So a very simple prompt. I didn’t really tell it much. Just let the AI go wild, and yeah, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, both gave really great results. Didn’t really like what I got from DALL·E 2 at all. This is a really tough one. I think the one from Stable Diffusion is more pop art, or what my idea of pop art is, but I really like what Midjourney did. That photo was just so cool. The trees are growing up into the sky and almost becoming the clouds.

You’ve got clouds down in between the trees. You can’t really tell if they are bushes or clouds. It’s just really cool. But I’m going to give it to Stable Diffusion, because that’s what my idea of pop art is. If you look at the remaining results, everything from Midjourney was amazing.

The other stuff from Stable Diffusion was quite cool as well, but it wasn’t pop art. So going to give it a Stable Diffusion for this round.


So which is my favorite of these tools? Right, as I said before, all three of them are really great, and you’re going to get great results with any of them. You can just keep regenerating images until you find something that you like.

If you learn how to write better prompts, you can get really cool results. I do think that if you need, like, 3D rendered images, Midjourney takes it every time. They just do amazing stuff. Stable Diffusion has more realistic things, and Midjourney is more artistic. DALL·E 2 has also got lots of great stuff.

But– right, if you had asked me last week, I would have said Midjourney hands down, and this week, I’m leaning with Stable Diffusion. These tools are developing so quickly, there’s just so much being added that it’s difficult to keep up. So last week, it was Midjourney for sure. This week, I’m fully into Stable Diffusion, so maybe I’ll make another video where DALL·E 2 will be my favorite. I wouldn’t be surprised.

These tools are just incredible. You should definitely try them out for yourself. I’ll put links in the description. Go test them out. Find your favorite tool.

For the moment, mine is Stable Diffusion, but you’ve seen what these things are capable of, so test them out for yourself. Give more detailed prompts, and you’ll get great results. These tools are always changing and improving, so stay tuned for more news about them.

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