Puzzle Generator Black Friday Deal 24/25/26 Nov 2023

The BIGGEST Ever Black Friday Sale – Ends Soon! If you’ve used any of these puzzle generator tools, then you’ll know what a huge deal this is. Most people pay a monthly subscription for access to this amazing suite of tools – but now you can get LIFETIME access to your favorite tools. It’s important to note that the Puzzle Generator is currently being rebuilt as an independent app so that in the not too distant future you can use it without having PowerPoint like the new Mega Pack.

It’s time for the BIGGEST ever Black Friday sale! These offers are valid from now until midnight on Monday. Get massive discounts on individual KDP puzzle tools AND BUNDLES. See the full list of options below!

The puzzle generator alone is able to make sudoku, word searches, cryptogram, word scrambles, shikaku, four in a row, kids math equations, one hundred puzzles, missing vowels, hitori, nurikabe, tic tac toe, hangman, mine finder, warships, and MUCH MORE.

puzzle generator

Everything Bundle LIFETIME – £300 – ($344ish)


The Puzzle Generator LIFETIME – RRP £500
The Nurikabe Generator LIFETIME – RRP – £50
Mega Pack LIFETIME – RRP – £50
The Futoshiki Generator LIFETIME – RRP £50
The Kakurasu Generator LIFETIME – RRP £30
The Sudoku Generator LIFETIME – RRP £70
The Maze Generator LIFETIME – RRP £70
The Bulk Image Importer LIFETIME – RRP £30

GET ALL OF THESE TOOLS AND EVERYTHING ELSE (Excludes the £1 Secret Software)! This product is a Black Friday Exclusive AND WILL NEVER BE ON SALE AGAIN.

I don’t think the rest need much introduction but do check out their listing pages to find out more about them!

Puzzle Generator LIFETIME – £70 – ($87ish)

Futoshiki Generator LIFETIME – £25 – ($29ish)

Kakurasu Generator LIFETIME – £15 – ($17ish)

Sudoku Generator LIFETIME – £35 – ($40ish)

Puzzle Generator LIFETIME + Mega Pack – £80 – ($92ish)

Puzzle Generator LIFETIME + Maze Generator – £100 – ($115ish)

Puzzle Generator LIFETIME + Mega Pack + Maze Generator – £110 – ($126ish)