Quickstart Guide to Making Money with Low Content and Puzzle Books on Amazon KDP

Making Money with Low Content and Puzzle Books: So you want to publish a puzzle book on Amazon Kindle? Congratulations! You have taken your first step to making passive income by publishing books. But where do you start? I have written this quickstart guide to get you started on publishing your first KDP book in a few days. I will show you the types of books you can make, where to get amazing covers and how to publish them.

Making Money with Low Content and Puzzle Books

1. Creating Your KDP Interior

Making KDP interiors is a lot easier than you might think. You don’t need to spend weeks creating an interior to start profiting. There are some amazing ready-made interiors that you can upload today. You can gain access to amazing KDP interiors super cheap. Here are the 3 main types of interiors used:

Low Content Books

The most common type of KDP interiors made are low content books. This can be a simple lined journal or a themed log book such as a Chronic Pain Log or a Coin Inventory Log. These can easily be purchased on Creative Fabrica, either individually or with a subscription. Low content books are the most commonly made type of books because the interiors are fully premade, so it’s very quick to get started with. You should find a niche that isn’t overcrowded and provide a great cover, if you want to make consistent sales.

Coloring Books

Coloring Books are always popular on Amazon. Children go through tons of coloring books while they’re growing up, and there are always new children being born. With coloring books, you need to be careful about duplicate content. No one wants to buy a book that has the exact same images as a book they already own. This will cause complaints and bad reviews, and trouble with Amazon.

There’s 3 ways to get around this.

  • Edit the images massively to make them unique.
  • Add elements such as mandalas or spirals to your existing image pages.
  • Mix and match images from various places into a specific theme that is unique.

There are 2 places to get coloring book pages/images. You can find them on Creative Fabrica, and more recently Vexels started releasing coloring book images as well. There’s also a way to make your own coloring pages, and you can read about it in our next tip below.

Puzzle Books

Puzzle books are the most popular type of books that you can create, besides actual novels. They are easy to make and sell like hotcakes. There are lots of websites that sell subscription services for puzzles but they are usually quite limited. The service that I use has a huge number of puzzles available and allows for precise customization, adding a gutter, etc. The puzzle generator can even remove colors from an image to turn it into a coloring page. This tool is a PowerPoint addon, so you can instantly turn them into a PDF for upload.

And if you already have the puzzle generator tool installed, and are looking for some themed word lists for your word search puzzles – we’ve got you covered as well: 10 Free Word Lists for KDP Puzzles

2. Creating Your KDP Cover

Once you have your interior ready, it’s time to create your cover. Amazon has a useful tool for calculating the dimensions you’ll need to make your cover.

You can use these dimensions to make your cover in Canva. If you haven’t used Canva before, it’s like a simplified version of Photoshop for making amazing images easily. The free version has some limitations but it does allow for free PDF downloads – which is what you need for KDP covers.

If you’re also working with Amazon Merch or Redbubble and need transparent PNGs for your t-shirt designs, then I’d recommend trying out the free version of Pixelied.

Whether you use Canva or Pixelied, you simply need to add a nice image, that you can get from Pixabay, and your book’s title to make a great-looking cover.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more polished book cover – Vexels has some premade covers that are made by professional designers, that you can simply add your title to, and upload. And if you sign up for a subscription with them, you can keep downloading amazing new book covers as the designers upload them.

3. Uploading Your Book

Now that you’ve got your interior and cover, it’s just a matter of uploading it. The process of uploading to KDP is pretty easy, however if you’re uploading multiple books, it can be very time consuming. Luckily, there’s a handy little tool that I use to automate my uploads. Flying Upload (KDP Edition) automates all your book uploads and allows you to spend more time creating great books.

Amazon KDP is a great way to start your own business without large overhead expenses. There are very few companies that you could start with such a small investment. If you want to start making money with low content and puzzle books, you need to ensure that you provide quality content regularly. Treat it as a real job and use any spare time you have on your books. It’s also important that you find niches that don’t have as much competition. Do some keyword research to find niches that aren’t saturated and make books that fall into that category. Good luck!