How to Make Coloring Books for Amazon KDP

How to Make Coloring Books for Amazon KDP: Are you looking for a new way to make money? Have you ever thought about self-publishing coloring books? Well, publishing on Amazon KDP may be just what you’re looking for. Making coloring books is a fun and easy way to make some extra cash with your artwork. Using Amazon KDP is the easiest way to publish your coloring books online, and we’ll show you the best tools to get you started. You can use ready-made images to get started, or even add your own drawings and text:

How to Make Coloring Books for Amazon KDP

1. Choose an interesting topic for your coloring book. You could choose something fun – like unicorns or dinosaurs, or it could be something more educational – like animals or plants. Do you have kids, nephews, nieces? What types of coloring books do they like?

2. Find quality images to use in your coloring book. You can find royalty-free images online, or you can create your own drawings. There are also some high-quality image resources that we’ll talk about a bit later.

3. Add text to your images to explain the subject matter. This will help make your coloring book more educational, and it will also give people a taste of what the book is about. Most coloring books don’t require any text, but you can always make yours stand out by making it a more educational experience – especially for very young children.

4. Format your images correctly so they look good when printed out. This means that they should be the correct size, resolution, and file type. If your images are not formatted correctly, they may look blurry or pixelated when printed out. Low quality images or bad formatting is the worst thing you can do when creating coloring books. Only use high quality images to avoid bad reviews.

If you want to get started quickly with professionally-created coloring pages, then here are some resources for the best one’s available:

Color Monthly

Creating a coloring book can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be a lot of work. That’s why many people choose to create their coloring books for Amazon KDP using Color Monthly. Color Monthly sends you high-quality images every week that you are legally allowed to sell as your own.

This program is great for people who want to create a series of coloring books, as it allows you to keep your books fresh and new. It’s also great for people who don’t have the time or skills to create their own coloring books. By using Color Monthly, you can get high-quality, professionally-made coloring books without having to do any of the work yourself.


Vexels has a library of coloring pages that you can use to create your own coloring books in minutes. They have a team of designers making graphics for their website. They are well-known for their t-shirt graphics, but they now also offer coloring pages and KDP book covers. This is a great option if want access to resources for Amazon KDP and Amazon Merch.

DIY Coloring Pages

If you have some free time and would like to try converting free images into coloring pages, then there’s a way to do this as well. We’ve got a handy guide to get you started: Turn Pictures Into Coloring Pages

Once you’ve created your coloring books, make sure that you use the right keywords to get your books noticed. With thousands of books available on Amazon’s KDP platform – keyword research is very important to make consistent sales. You can find out more about KDP keyword research here: KDP Keyword Generator – Amazon KDP Strategy


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