Turn Pictures Into Coloring Pages – Make Your Own Coloring Book

Turn Pictures Into Coloring Pages: Want to make a coloring book but can’t draw? I’ve made a bunch of really cool coloring books by simply turning normal pictures into black and white coloring pages. It’s easier than you think – if you know which tools to use.

There is a very powerful tool that can help you create coloring pages, combine them together to make a book, add a gutter so that the images aren’t hidden in the folds of the book, add page numbers on opposite sides of the pages, and much more.

If you’ve spent any time on this site at all, then you should know that I’m talking about this Puzzle Generator. It’s a Powerpoint addon that can make puzzles and coloring books, and has all the tools you need to easily make KDP books without needing to manually move images around.

You simply add an image to Powerpoint, click on the “convert to coloring page” button and it will immediately convert your regular image into a coloring page image. You can also bulk-convert a bunch of images.

Always use images that have a border around them to get the best results. I’ve been using this tool for ages to create amazing puzzle books, but have recently been using this coloring page feature to make some fancy coloring books.

Always make sure that you have the right to use the images in your designs. I like to use free images from Pixabay as all of their content is free for commercial use. Mix and match images together to create more complex designs that kids will love. Let your creativity loose and you’ll be creating amazing coloring books in next to no time.

Need Advanced Coloring Pages (Printable)

If you don’t have the time to create your own coloring pages, or just need more advanced coloring pages for your book – then we’ve got the solution as well. There are lots of places where you can buy coloring pages online – such as Creative Fabrica and Vexels, but there’s also a place that very few people know about….

Color Monthly is a site that produces sets of amazing coloring pages. They have a ton of ready-made sets of pages that you can download from their store, and mix and match them together to make incredible books.

You also have the option of joining their All Access Pass where you’ll get a new set of coloring pages, mandalas, postcards and planners every week!

Instead of spending hours every day working on your designs – you can simply wait to receive your coloring book package every Tuesday.

If you’re looking for amazing graphics that aren’t being sold anywhere else, then Color Monthly is the place to go. I simply love how much effort and detail they put into each and every design.

Color Monthly

And there you have it. Make your own coloring books or purchase designs – either way, you’ll be able to upload books to KDPs platform and start earning a recurring income. Get started today!