10 Free Word Lists for KDP Puzzles

Free Word Lists for KDP: We’re giving away an Excel file with 10 Themed Word Lists with over 3000 words. The list has all special characters removed, apostrophes removed, dashes and split words removed, and duplicates removed. This makes it ideal to use in ANY puzzle generating software to avoid errors.

A lot of work has gone into curating this list to help you make KDP puzzles faster. You can easily sort the list according to the number of characters in words, as well as the the number of words in each cell. This makes it easier than ever to make word search puzzles, word jumbles, missing vowels, or any other word puzzles that you could possibly think of.

The best part is that this list is completely free to download and use. Check this video out to see exactly how to make the best use of these word lists.

Free Word Lists for KDP

To download these free word lists for KDP, head over here.

There are 3 main filtered columns. The first is the list of words, the second shows the number of characters in each cell and the third gives you the number of words in each cell. In the second column, simply set it to the number of character you need for you puzzles, eg. your word search may require words with 8 characters or less. In the third column, you may want to set to only show 1-word cells, eg. dolphin vs bottlenose dolphin. In the green cell in column E, you will be able to see exactly how many words are available according to your filters.

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