Sellix Review: Create Digital Goods Shops with Cryptocurrency Integration

Sellix Review: Sellix is an ecommerce platform that helps businesses sell digital products, goods and services online. Sellix offers a wide range of features, including using a custom domain, upselling options, a fraud shield, and more. Although it’s easy to use, it has a lot of functionality under the hood and allows businesses to get their products and services online very quickly. In this Sellix review, we’ll cover the most important features that you may be looking for in an ecommerce store.

Types of Products You Can Sell

Sellix Review Create Digital Goods Shops with Cryptocurrency Integration

Sellix allows you to sell various types of products. If you’ve ever used Gumroad, then you’ll have an idea of they types of sales it caters for. It works in a similar way, allowing you to sell a variety of digital products and subscriptions. However, with Sellix, you’ll be selling your products from your own website and not from a third party. This means that you can make upsells, provide coupon codes and develop trust with your customer. These are the products that you are able to sell on your website:

  • File – digital downloads of images, videos, templates, patterns, etc
  • Serials – serials and codes for games and software
  • Services – sell your services such as with Fiverr
  • Dynamic – set a dynamic webhook URL for selling your products
  • Subscription – receive daily, weekly, monthly payments for a service or software. You can customize for any range of time for payments.

Accepted Payment Types

Sellix allows customers to buy your products using a variety of payment methods. The main payments methods that most ecommerce stores use are, of course, included – these are PayPal and Stripe (credit/debit card payments).

Sellix also supports digital wallets and instant payment services like Skrill and Perfect Money. This means that buyers from countries that don’t support PayPal or Stripe will still be able to purchase goods from your website.

And finally, they also supports payments in a number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Binance Coin. As the cryptocurrency age is dawning – it will become necessary for more stores to be able to accept crypto payments. In this regard, Sellix is well ahead of the curve by being one of the few ecommerce shops with cryptocurrency integration.

Ecommerce shops with cryptocurrency integration

Upselling Your Products

Sellix Digital Goods

One of the main reason to sell products through your own website, is the ability to upsell your customers. Successful businesses make the majority of their income from the second or third product bought. You can easily upsell additional products to your customers through Sellix by making bundles. This means that your customers will get a discount if they buy multiple products together in one purchase. This entices them to get additional products due to this once-off discount. It’s very simple to integrate and can be added/removed to any of your digital downloads whenever you like.

Free Vs. Paid Subscription

The free version of Sellix will work great for most people but their are some major advantages in the paid version for more serious businesses.

The free version of Sellix is great for putting up a quick shop for selling your products. However, if you want to use your own custom domain and build a name for yourself, then you’ll need to move onto the Pro version. Some of the benefits of the Pro version include:

  • 2 custom domains
  • cart system
  • disputing false reviews
  • lower transaction fees
  • increased file size limit
  • increased cloud storage

Sellix Alternatives

If you’re looking to create an ecommerce store and need a Sellix alternative, then you might be interested in one of the following.

Dukaan – sell physical products (similar to Shopify)
Selldone – sell any kind of physical or digital product
ProductDyno – sell digital products, courses and memberships

Sellix Review: Conclusion

There are lots of other features available that make the experience quite pleasant and easy-to-use. This Sellix review focused on the areas that we found to be most important to us, but it’s always best to try out software for yourself. There are a lot of services that you can use to sell your digital goods and products, but very few are so quick to setup and easy to use.

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