Write a Fiction Novel Using Jasper AI

Write a Fiction Novel Using Jasper AI: Writing a novel can take months or even years. Most people start but never make it to the end. It’s probably a dream that most people have had at some point in their life.

If you want to complete a novel, the first step is to come up with an idea for your story. Once you have an idea, you need to write out a plot and create characters. Once you have your plot and characters in place, you can start writing your novel. But, what if you could start writing without having to do any of the above? What if you could use AI to help you write your masterpiece?

I know, I know, it’s blasphemous to use AI & novels in the same sentence. But it’s actually not as crazy as it sounds.

In order to write a fiction novel using AI – all you need is a starting point. This can be something as simple as a single scene or as complex as a full storyline. Once you have a basic idea of what you want your novel to be about, you’d normally go about typing it out – stopping only if you hit a wall.

Well, Jasper AI can destroy those “walls” and help you beat writer’s block.

It can read what you’ve written and then write out sentences to continue your story. This is possible due to a feature called Boss Mode. Most tools will give you a sentence or two and then wait for you to write a few sentences before it can continue composing. Boss Mode can continually create unlimited sentences without you having to write a word.

Jasper also comes with a recipe that will basically walk you through the creation of your book characters, their motivations, and the various scenes of your book.

The Best AI Writer Jasper AI
The Hero’s Journey Outline Recipe

Now, of course, I’m not implying that you want Jasper to write your whole book for you, but it can give you the ideas that you need to continue your story, or complete arcs that you can’t think of a way out off. I use Boss Mode to write out a few paragraphs and then review them to see where the AI thinks the story should go. From there, I can either continue along that same route or see what I don’t want to happen – and change my focus completely. It’s like having a second writer with you that you can bounce ideas off of.

Using technology isn’t a bad thing. It’s a tool that can help you shorten the time it would normally take to write your book. Instead of spending years attempting to write a novel – why not spend a few weeks get your book off your computer, and onto bookshelves?

If you want to try out Jasper for yourself, you can do so here: Jasper Free 10,000 Words

Novel Writing Example

Here’s a quick example of what you can achieve with AI. I’ll write a few sentences of a story, with no idea of how I think it should go. I’ll then let the AI complete it for me. I’ll choose the best option that it gives me, and then direct it a little more. Everything I write will be in black and everything the AI writes will be in green.

James looked across the serene wheat field. The sun beat down on his face as he worked the field. For just a moment, he thought he heard a soft voice floating on the gentle breeze that cooled his face. He stopped his ploughing and listened intently. Silence.
Suddenly, the breeze became a gust. More than a gust, a gale. The wheat field became a maelstrom of dust and chaff. It smacked James in the face, blew his hair back and filled his eyes. He shielded his face from the dust and squinted, trying to make out any shapes in the field. Nothing but wheat and dust. Eventually the wind abated. James stood once more and restarted his ploughing. He worked for a few minutes, before stopping once more. "I thought I heard someone whispering screaming," he told himself. He listened for a voice, for the wind, for anything. Nothing.
"I'm going insane," James thought to himself. First the whispering at night, and now screams during the day. What is wrong with me?
James started out working once again, but stopped once more when he saw something which confused him. A figure running through to the side of the field. Not a farmer the wind this time, a woman. She was dressed in rags, like a beggar. She wore mismatched shoes, one dark, one light. A bright red scarf was wrapped around her neck. Her face was caked with blood, and her eyes were bloodshot. She wore a smile that seemed to stretch longer than her face should allow. They locked eyes. She ran directly at beelined toward him and James turned and ran. He turned for a second and caught a glimpse of the woman--

As you can see, when you don’t have a specific direction in mind, the AI will create its own story. You simply need to make small adjustments to direct the story where you want it to go. When you use Boss Mode to generate more text, it will look at the previous text as a reference. This means that it will take note of your edits which will help your story to remain coherent.

It also describes – and can even create – completely new characters. The AI will often add a new character or twist to my story, and I’ll just run with it for a few paragraphs to see how it plays out. If I don’t like the direction it’s going, I’ll either remove that character/twist completely, or I’ll save it as an idea I can use in a later chapter. There are endless ways that Jasper AI can help you to create/improve your novel. Though, simply not having to deal with writer’s block is more than enough for me.

If you want to try out Jasper for free, you can do so here: Jasper Free 10,000 Words


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