Free KDP Interiors – 3 Best Template Resources for Low Content Publishing

Free KDP Interiors: If you want to make money with KDP low content publishing, you’ll need some interiors to work with. Creating low content books is one of the easiest ways to make passive income. There are already some great resources for KDP interior templates, you simply need to create a great looking cover and you’re off to the races! We’ve found some great resources that you’ll love and they’re all completely free.

Check these out:

1. CreativeFabrica (Monthly Freebies)

Creative Fabrica is my number 1 pick for free KDP interiors because you are able to download new templates regularly. Most websites have a set list of resources that thousands of other people are using, but with Creative Fabrica, they regularly change the freebies that they give away. This means that you’ll get access to a wider range of templates to test out.

You can find a bunch of free KDP templates here:
Creative Fabrica’s KDP Interiors

Creative Fabrica Free KDP Interiors

Along with all these free KDP templates, you’ll also get access to free SVG files for Cricut machines, some free graphics for t-shirt design usage, access to a bunch of free embroidery designs, and even some free craft classes.

These freebies are available on Creative Fabrica without needing a subscription or spending a cent. You can simply download and use them to your heart’s content – as per their license terms of course.

2. Gumroad

Another great place to find KDP interiors is on Gumroad. Gumroad lets anyone create a store and both sell and give away products for free. There are a number of creators that offer free KDP resources to get you up and running in no time.

When you find a good set of templates on Gumroad, be sure to check out the rest of that seller’s store as they usually have lots more freebies as well.

Some of my favorite links for free KDP interiors are:

KDP Interiors
KDP Coloring Pages
KDP Puzzle Pages

Gumroad Free KDP Templates


BookBolt is a KDP resource that you can use for downloading interiors, keyword/product research, cover/interior design and even create puzzles. This very powerful software has everything you need to go from a beginner to a pro in the world of low/medium content book design.

BookBolt gives everyone free access to a bunch of KDP interiors without even needing to login. Simply select the Interior Wizard from their Resources section to gain access to them. Choose the interior that interests you, the size and the number of pages you want – and you can download a complete interior in seconds.

You can find BookBolt here:
BookBolt Free KDP Interiors

BookBolt Free KDP Interiors

You can also use BookBolt’s other tools to find which books sell the best on Amazon, and jump on hot trends before anyone else.

The Benefits of Selling on KDP

Self-publishing is a great way to get your books published as quickly and easily as possible. And for low content books – it’s really the only way that regular people can get their products published at all.

The best self-publishing platform for these types of books is KDP, which allows authors to publish their books directly to Amazon’s site. Whenever a book is sold, Amazon will print it out, and ship it off for you. This makes the entire process extremely simple. They also don’t charge any upfront fees. Amazon simply takes a cut of the profit made from your book sales. But if you want even more reasons to get started with KDP, here are some of the benefits of self-publishing with KDP:

  1. Ease of use: KDP is very easy to use after you’ve spent a little time with it. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials that will teach you what to do. Just make sure you read all the things you’re not allowed to do. You don’t want to get banned on your first day.
  2. Control over your publishing journey: With KDP you can choose your own covers and design your book exactly the way you envision it. There’s no big brother looking over your shoulder and making changes.
  3. Fast publication: With KDP, your book can be available online in as little as 24-48 hours from uploading. It can take longer during holidays. They do a review to make sure you’ve followed all the rules, and then make your book available for sale.
  4. Global reach: Amazon can help you potentially reach readers all over the world. KDP also lets you publish in multiple languages. So if you’re bilingual, or you know some good translators – you could sell even more books.
  5. Royalties: The royalty rates are very good with KDP. You can earn up to 70% royalty on your book sales. This is much higher than the royalty rates you’d get with a traditional publishing company.
  6. Low cost: KDP is a low-cost option to get your book online. There are no upfront fees. You only pay a commission on your sales. So no matter how broke you are, you can still get your books out there.

KDP is a great program that has helped a lot of people get their books online. As long as you’re following the rules and creating quality content, KDP will continue to sell your books. You could have people from all over the world usingplaying with your puzzle books soon.