How To Find The Best KDP Keywords

How To Find The Best KDP Keywords: If you’re trying to make money online with Amazon KDP, then choosing the right keywords is essential. There are a number of ways to find profitable keywords for KDP – some free and some paid. These can be used for low-content books, puzzle books or even for full-length novels. Check out the video below to see the best free and paid method.

How To Find The Best KDP Keywords

As you can tell from the video, the best way to find KDP keywords for free, is by using the Amazon search box and chrome extensions. These extensions will enable you to find multiple keywords in minutes. The paid method is by using Publisher Rocket, which is a once-off payment.

These keywords can be used in your title, subtitle and 7 keyword boxes. Finding the right words to use in your book can be the difference between making zero sales and making a full-time income!

Publisher Rocket provides you with a huge lists of keywords with the click of your mouse. It also has a category search function that will help you find the best category for your specific niche. Finally, if you use Amazon Advertising, you can find hundreds of keywords and ASINS to use in your ads campaign.

If you plan on making puzzle books, then be sure to check out our article on word lists. It has 10 free word lists to download that you can use to make word search puzzle books, missing vowel books, word scrambles, etc.