Write the Best AI Prompts in Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and Dall-E

Write the Best AI Prompts: If you’re having trouble coming up with good prompts for Stable Diffusion, Midjourney or Dall-E. There are three easy ways to find some of the best ones. Follow these steps and you’ll be making incredible images in seconds.

Update Oct: Supermachine AI has been released. It’s a lifetime deal. 1000 monthly image generations.

Update Oct: Spark has been released. It’s Stable Diffusion in Creative Fabrica.

Number 3: This one is purely for Stable Diffusion. If you saw our video on cmdr2’s handy one-click installer for Stable Diffusion, then you know that the UI comes with some suggestions for art styles, artists, and more. You can quickly choose from a bunch of different options to really make your images stand out.

Number 2: Phraser walks you step by step through creating your images. It will give you ideas for prompts and show you some examples so you’ll already have an idea of how similar suggestions have turned out. It works for all the main AI image generation tools.

Number 1: This is my favorite way of finding great prompts. Lexica is a browser for art that’s been generated using Stable Diffusion. You can put in a simple prompt such as planet, and it will show you a bunch of art that was created around that topic. When you find something that you like, click on it and you’ll see the prompt that was used. You can then simply copy it and get your own unique image in the same style, or add additional prompts and get it exactly the way you want.

How to Write the Best AI Prompts in Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and Dall-E

Your prompt should be designed in the following way:

Subject + Details/Surroundings + Media Type/Artist Style

???? A simple example of this would be:

A sleeping cat (subject) with black and white fur (details), sleeping outside (surrounding), painting (media type) in the style of Picasso (artist style)

???? More advanced examples (that you should definitely try out) are:

portrait of nick offerman, d & d, wet, shiny, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha

photorealistic portrait of oriental female humanoid, cyber neon lights, highly detailed, cyberpunk high fashion, elegant, crispy quality, trending in artstation, trending on pinterest, glamor pose, no signature, no watermark, cinematic, art by pascal blanche

photo of cyberpunk male teenager in the style of stefan kostic, realistic, sharp focus, 8k high definition, insanely detailed, intricate, elegant, art by stanley lau and artgerm

genshin impact, sharp bone structure, extremely detailed digital painting, in the style of fenghua zhong and ruan jia and jeremy lipking and peter mohrbacher, mystical colors, rim light, beautiful lighting, 8 k, stunning scene, raytracing, octane, trending on artstation

a beautiful portrait of an anthropomorphic character by cory loftis, fenghua zhong, ryohei hase, ismail inceoglu and ruan jia. volumetric light, artstation

robot ninja mask helmet bot borderland that looks like it is from Borderlands and by Feng Zhu and Loish and Laurie Greasley, Victo Ngai, Andreas Rocha, John Harris

a beautiful and highly detailed matte painting of an epic mountain range, intricate details, epic scale, insanely complex, 8 k, sharp focus, hyperrealism, very realistic, by caspar friedrich, james gurney, albert bierstadt,