Virtual Reality Technology 9: Leap Motion Gesture Controller

Leap Motion is a motion sensing device that takes what the Kinect attempted to do on Xbox 360, but refined it for use in a variety of other areas. This miniature device allows for touchless control of your computer by sensing motions made above it with a spatial precision of about 0.01 mm. This makes the Leap Motion a very accurate and lag-free device.

For what it’s capable of, Leap Motion is incredibly small. At about the size of a mini Snickers bar, there’s a lot of tech fit into this device. The cameras and sensors on the Leap Motion allows it to detect even the slightest of movements, making “hands-free” use of your computer fluid and fast.

I’ve included Leap Motion as a step forward in VR technology due to what might be possible if connected to upcoming virtual reality devices Oculus Rift and Omni. The hardware present in Leap Motion is pretty advanced but some of the software still needs some tweaking. With time, I’m confident that developers will find new and exciting things to do with this awesome device.

Check out this video of Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift being used in conjunction: