Virtual Reality Technology 11: STEM System’s Full Body Tracking

The STEM System has blown past it’s minimum funding requirements needed for development. This latest innovation into the VR world has a lot of potential, and appeals to gamers who want the most immersive VR experience possible. It’s also been advertised as having the lowest latency of any wireless consumer motion controller, which is awesome news.

The STEM System makes use of 5 tracking points – one on each arm, one on each leg, and one on your forehead. These sensors will allow gamers to perform actions like climbing a ladder or fighting off an enemy, using both your arms and legs in real-time.

VR Technology

This technology was first used in the Razer Hydra system, but has now taken leaps and bounds in terms of technological advances to provide a more fluid, fully body experience. Though the system can be used alone as a wireless motion controller, it’s features really shine when combined with the Oculus Rift. An impressive part of a video I watched showed how the head tracking completely changes the way the Oculus Rift performs. The improved head tracking will allow you study objects in greater detail by looking under and around them with a more accurate point-of-view.

The STEM System is a modular system comprised of multiple STEM Packs that can be attached to yourself and peripherals to allow for real-time tracking of your position, as well as your accessories. It will also be compatible with the Virtuix Omni, which is really great and means that I won’t blindly run headfirst into a wall if I get too immersed.

As great as the Oculus Rift is, many gamers will find it a bit awkward having to control your ingame character’s movements with a regular controller. This full body motion controller will allow you to pick up items and kick objects in real-time, giving VR simulations and games a more realistic feel.

If you’re interested in this project and would like to get your hands on it as soon as possible. Head over to their Kickstarter page here and pledge for one of their early backer kits while there’s still some available.