Virtual Reality Technology 10: Atlas, Real Life Holodeck Technology

Atlas is on it’s way and will bring an affordable holodeck into our living rooms. Star Trek fans should be overjoyed to hear that we can finally step into and explore our fantasy worlds. VR is stepping up in a big way and this Kickstarter project will allow gamers to move around a 3D environment in real-time to fully immerse themselves in a game.

Basically, Atlas comprises of a smartphone app, special markers and a chestmount (to attach your smarphone to your chest), plus you will need to own an Oculus Rift to make use of this system. While the Oculus Rift will present the virtual world to the gamer, Atlas will map out areas that are accessible and allow you to explore a virtual environment while safely traversing your house, garage or garden. Your phones camera will be used to spot the special markers, used for mapping, to create an immersive exploratory area. Obstacles, such as tables, could look like a tree within the game, helping the player to avoid collisions. You’ll also be able to use weapons within the games by using the Delta Six for gun-play or the Razer Hydra for sword fighting.

It’s a very interesting product that could reinvent LARPing and take interactive multiplayer gaming to new levels of awesome. This Kickstarter project has a lot of potential: Imagine being able to enter into a different dungeon, maze or arena every day and physically walk around exploring. If you’re interested in helping to get Atlas made, check out the video below and then head over to their Kickstarter page to show your support.