Virtual Reality Technology 5: MYO Electric Impulse and Muscle Controller

The MYO armband will see you controlling games, computers and even radio-controlled cars and planes with simple hand gestures. Don’t be fooled though, this is no Kinect clone. It’s a serious device with some cool features that could revolutionize the way we control by incorporating electric impulses and muscle movements.

The MYO armband is wearable tech that won’t require a camera to determine your position. You’ll be using electrical impulses and muscle contractions to control devices, so a simple snap of your fingers or wave of your hand is enough to pause videos or skip songs. It connects via bluetooth, so you’ll be able to connect to various devices around the house while getting to make cool spiderman wrist movements.

From their online video, it looks like it could be a cool new way to control games. I’ve been disappointed before by motion controls but now that there are no cameras or IR sensor bars, I’m a lot more optimistic that MYO will deliver on its promises.

As the sensor is around your arm and detects muscle movement, it’ll help considerably to reduce lag, making controls more fluid and fun. MYO is set to start shipping at the end of 2013 with pre-orders available on their site. If things go well, I can see a future for MYO in the upcoming virtual reality revolution alongside the Oculus Rift and Omni.