Virtual Reality Technology 4: ARAIG Gaming Feedback Suit

As far as virtual reality technology goes, this is one device I hadn’t considered. For a truly immersive experience, you’d obviously need some haptic feedback. It’s a very necessary direction to go in. The ARAIG (As Real As It Gets) Suit is the missing bit of VR that I didn’t know was missing until I saw their Kickstarter campaign.

The basis of the ARAIG Suit is to allow a user to feel haptic feedback and surround sound from an electronic exoskeleton. With multiple vibrating points, you’d be able to feel points of contact whenever you’re shot in a game, or get hit by shrapnel from an exploding grenade. For even more realism, game designers could allow you to feel rain landing on your shoulders as you trudge through a jungle. The more I think about it, the more interested I become in this idea.

By the time I’d learned of this nifty new device, the Kickstarter campaign was over and ARAIG had not made its funding. However, all is not lost. It looks like ARAIG may still see the light of day even without the funding from Kickstarter. Together with the Omni and Delta Six, this device will make gaming more intensive and badass. Hell, who doesn’t want to suit up in something that looks like a bulletproof vest before starting their favorite FPS? This is going to be one for the hardcore gamers, but there’s plenty of us around the world to make this product go huge.