Virtual Reality Technology 3: Delta Six Lifelike Gun Controller

The next step for fully immersive virtual reality is the inclusion of a controller that acts the way it would in real life. This is where the Delta Six’s lifelike gun controller steps in. This controller could take FPS games a step further into reality with it’s motion controlling and tracking capabilities.

The Delta Six is basically a controller in the shape of a rifle that allows the bearer to feel the recoil from every shot, reload by simply tapping the magazine, and trigger melee attacks by moving the stock of the rifle. An IR sensor will also allow users to peer down the scope in the game, by simply doing it in real life. With the imminent release of the Oculus Rift and the Omni, this controller could add an extra level of depth to many games.

This device will make playing FPS games a more natural experience by simply replicating what you’d do in real life. That begs the question: how would you play a game that requires a handgun? I guess it’s main target will be the COD, Battlefield and Halo series, which I’m sure will benefit greatly from this device. We’re waiting impatiently to see what the final product will be like.