Best Free HD Video Player for Windows 7/8

With all the new video and media player on the market, it’s pretty tough to decide which free one to download or paid one to buy. You could be like me and download lots of different video players to see which one suits you best or, you can take the easy route and read my experiences with each.

As I’ve mentioned in some other posts I’ve written, most people stick to their staple – which is Windows Media Player. And it’s not because WMP is fantastic, it’s simply because it’s there. It’s readily available for us to use and until a time should arise when it fails us, most would never consider searching for something else.

The next most popular media player is VLC. As VLC works with a variety of codecs straight out the box, it’s a quick and simple fix for when WMP fails to play a movie of yours. I’ve used VLC for over 5 years and it’s a great player, unfortunately I haven’t seen any major improvements to it to keep me hooked and I was eventually coaxed into trying something new.

So on the next page, you’ll find my favorite free video player. Please have a look through some of the features to see if it’s something that may interest you and if not, you can always stick with your staple player.