Honor 6X – Make Music Louder (Is Your Volume Too Soft?)

The Honor 6X is a great phone except for one audible problem. The volume is way too soft! If you want to make your music louder, read on…

This is a great phone – and once you’ve upgraded to Android Nougat it gets even better. It’s solid, fast and has more features than any budget phone I’ve used to date. The addition of a fingerprint sensor has made logging in a breeze and I can’t see myself ever going back to putting in a pin or swiping across dots. The camera is also great quality in my opinion. I’ve taken some amazing snaps that look like they’ve come from a premium phone’s camera. All in all – it’s a great purchase.

At the start I had a few minor issues, like the absence of an app drawer. This was, however, quickly fixed when updated to EMUI 5.0 (Nougat). Since then everything has worked better than expected.

Now I normally use headphones for all my music playback but on one particular day, it was necessary to use the Honor 6Xs speaker and it was only at this point that I realized how soft the volume was (way too soft). I spent a great deal of effort trying to make the music louder with nothing to show for it.

First I tried these volume booster apps from the Google Play store. There are quite a few of them available but I head zero change to my music with all of them. Next I looked to XDA for a fix. If any fix were to work, I would need to root my phone first. After years of bricking and unbricking my Android phones, I thought this issue isn’t big enough to risk it.

Honor 6X – Make Your Music Louder

And finally, after messing around with previously installed apps – I realized that I had an equalizer app installed that had useful feature included. When looking through the EFFECTS tab on the Equalizer FX app – I noticed a Loudness Enhancer. This gave me a huge volume boost when listening to music. The great thing about this app is that it works with Google Music and you can toggle the settings directly from Google Music’s settings.

My favorite local music app – BlackPlayer has it’s own equalizer installed that come with an Amplifier included. This does exactly the same job and allows you to blow past the volume bar that was set my the Honor 6X. Just be sure not to put it too loud and blow your speakers.