Anonymous Money / Bank Transfers

Anonymous money transfers and anonymous bank transfers don’t sound logistically possible. Sending money to someone on Western Union or Moneygram requires ID and bank transfers require some form of identification as well. Surprisingly both are completely possible and we’ll explain exactly how to do it below. Be sure to check out how to Send
Money Anonymously with Western Union or MoneyGram
as well.

Anonymous Money Transfers

So, how do you make anonymous money transfers? It’s actually quite simple. Sign up to this fantastic payment gateway and have a look at the accepted funding methods. You can top up using a number of methods and anonymously transfer your money to anyone else’s account. They can then use the same funding methods to cash out.

It’s basically an anonymous Paypal solution. You’re basically sending money to a company and this company is sending money to your friend, but it does not connect the two of you in any way, making it a perfect solution. This method can be used for anonymous bank transfers as well.

Anonymous Bank Transfers

My favorite way of making anonymous bank transfers is by using this digital payment service. I can purchase a small portion of Bitcoin directly from my bank account using their online system. I can now send this portion of Bitcoin to anyone in the world, and they can either cash it out to their bank account or use any other method they choose. The actual sending of the money remains anonymous and if timed right, the other person may even see a profit on the other end.

I use this method often and it’s much cheaper than sending money to someone in another country through a bank. Bank charges are ridiculous for these kinds of transfers. By timing it right, I’ve either made the transfer for free or made some money on it. You can also use this method for anonymous money transfers.

Pro Tip

If you decide to send your money via Bitcoin and want an additional level of anonymity to be added, you can always sign up to an exchange. Using an exchange, your money is bounced through an additional digital wallet before reaching its intended destination. You can also use your Bitcoin to buy a smaller altcoin and make a profit before sending off the money.