How To Make $5K Selling Simple Digital Products on Etsy

How To Make $5K Selling Simple Digital Products on Etsy: There are lots of ways to make money online, but not all of them are this easy. I’m referring to selling digital products on Etsy, and as you’ll see – it’s something that anyone can do. In this guide, I will show you how you can make over $5,000 in just a couple months by selling simple digital downloads on Etsy. This passive income stream is one of the easiest you’ll find, and I’m excited to show you how it’s done.

Selling On Etsy

The business model is straightforward. We’re selling digital downloads on Etsy, a massive marketplace similar to Amazon. However, Etsy started as a marketplace focused on handmade products, usually from small businesses. In recent years, Etsy has become the go-to place to buy and sell digital products. These digital products can range from PDF digital planners, worksheets, and patterns to digital prints. The possibilities are endless. If someone can download a product as a PNG or a PDF, it can be sold on Etsy.

Finding Unsaturated Products

The key to success in this business is to focus on unsaturated products that you can create quickly and in large quantities. Etsy is a fantastic website for market research to see where opportunities lie. I use a few tools such as EverBee to help with this, but Etsy is a good starting place. You can use the free trial of EverBee to find some unsaturated products/niches, but I will also show you how you can it directly in Etsy.

Concerning products – for example, digital planners are one of the main selling digital products on Etsy. However, with over 450,000 results for digital planners, the market is oversaturated. To find a niche with less competition, you need to narrow down your search. For instance, if you type in “ADHD digital planner,” the results go down to 11,000. By creating an ADHD digital planner, you’re cutting out a significant portion of the competition. Essentially, you want to niche down to find

Competitor Research in Etsy

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s discuss why competitor research is essential. Firstly, it helps you understand what niches are selling on Etsy. If you’re trying to sell to a niche that isn’t buying on Etsy, chances are, your listings won’t get many sales.

Secondly, competitor research helps you understand what designs are popular. By studying what’s selling, you can replicate the success in your own unique way.

Thirdly, you need to understand what keywords the bestsellers are using. Without this knowledge, your products may never be found in Etsy’s organic search.

Lastly, studying your competitors’ photos can provide insights into what type of photos are successful. If a best-seller is using a specific style of photos, it might be worth considering for your own listings.

When conducting research on Etsy, it’s best to use incognito mode. This is because your search results can be influenced by your previous clicks and other factors. Incognito mode gives you a fresh slate, allowing you to see what’s genuinely popular.

Finding Best Sellers on Etsy

To find the best sellers on Etsy, you can use a little trick. While Etsy used to have a filter for best sellers, it’s now hidden. However, you can still access it by going to ‘All Filters’, selecting ‘Star Seller’, and then changing ‘star‘ to ‘best‘ in the URL. This will show you the best sellers, with the top sellers appearing first.

How To Make $5K Selling Simple Digital Products on Etsy - Etsy Best Seller

As you scroll through the best sellers, start noting down the niches that are popular. Avoid copyrighted brands and focus on general themes or ideas. For example, you might notice that ‘vintage year’ sweatshirts or ‘dog lover’ products are popular.

Also, pay attention to the design styles that are popular. You might notice that a certain font or design placement is common among the best sellers.

Finding the Right Keywords

Once you’ve identified a niche and a design style, the next step is to find the right keywords. You can do this by looking at the titles and tags of the best sellers.

To find a seller’s tags, scroll to the bottom of their listing and look under ‘Explore related searches’. These are actually the exact tags that the seller is using. Write down the ones that are relevant to your product.

To find more tags, search for your product (e.g., ‘1990 sweatshirt’) and apply the ‘best seller’ filter. Then, look at the titles and tags of the top results.

Studying Your Competitors’ Photos

Finally, take a look at the photos your competitors are using. If they’re using mock-ups, consider finding similar ones for your store. If they’re taking their own photos, study their lighting, background, and product placement.

5 Best Untapped Digital Products

The digital product market is often deemed oversaturated, with many believing that it’s impossible to make any more money online. However, this is far from the truth. While competition can be stiff in certain areas, there are still untapped markets and entire untapped industries where you can sell digital products.

Before we delve into the details, it’s crucial to understand that whatever product you create, whether digital or physical, needs to solve a specific problem for people. The bigger the problem you can solve, the more return on investment the user will get, and therefore, the higher price you can charge. So, as you consider a digital product as a side hustle, remember that you NEED to solve a problem. The more you can solve a problem for a specific person, the better chance it is of being unsaturated and tapping into a real opportunity.

1. Digital Courses

While it may seem like everyone is selling a course online, the reality is that the entire industry of digital courses is not saturated. Specific niches or topics might be saturated, but the overall industry is not. The fact that you, as an individual, are unique, and combining that with a variety of course topics, makes it hard for the industry to ever be fully saturated. Topics can range from gardening, running, raising chickens, fitness, finance, communications, video editing, dating, and more. The possibilities are endless, which makes digital courses number one on our list for potentially high sales volume.

2. Printable Templates

Printable templates, such as wedding invitations, birthday cards, or business cards, are becoming more common. They strike a good balance between demand and price. However, if you can add niches to them, specific niches, or specific people that have specific problems, then your templates will sell more copies. A great example of this is welcome guides. These are templates for a product that people print, such as a welcome guide or an onboarding guide. By providing a specific product to a specific person, you can make your product unsaturated.

3. Website Templates

As more people move into the online space, more people are building websites, funnels, checkout pages, and thank you pages. However, not everyone has the technical knowledge or time to build these. This is where website templates come in. By providing a specific website template for specific niches, jobs, or industries, you can tap into an untapped market. It could be for dentists, orthodontists, farms, donut shops, or any other industry that needs a website.

4. Digital Templates

Digital templates are most commonly related to things having to do with social media. They are digital assets, ie. files that nobody ever intends to print. It could be things like social media assets, branding kits, or even Zoom backgrounds. These can also include vector SVG files that are used in Cricut Machines.

5. Email Templates

Email templates are another untapped market. These are items such as welcome emails, warming emails, onboarding emails, thank you emails, abandoned cart emails, and more. By providing these templates for specific industries, you can tap into an untapped market. And, these types of items can easily be created using free tools like ChatGPT.

Using Tools for Market Research

While Etsy is a good starting place for market research, it doesn’t always give you the full picture. I use a Chrome extension called EverBee to get more insights.

EverBee helps me to do product research and revenue analytics to see how much my competitors are earning for their products. This information helps me to narrow down my product ideas and find niches with less competition.

They let you do 10 free searches every month, so you may not ever need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Creating Your Digital Products

Once you’ve identified a niche and a product that could sell well, it’s time to start creating. I use BookBolt, a design tool with loads of pre-existing templates. For instance, if you’re creating a symptom tracker, you can search for similar trackers on Kittl and use them as a base. You can then customize the template to make it unique and relevant to your niche.

Listing Your Product on Etsy

After creating your product, the next step is to list it on Etsy. However, it’s not just about creating an Etsy store and uploading your product. You need to optimize your listing to rank higher on Etsy and attract more customers.

When creating your listing, make sure to add multiple photos and a detailed description. Use keywords in your title to improve your product’s visibility on Etsy.

For pricing, don’t undercut yourself. If you’ve created a high-quality digital product, set a price that reflects its value. Remember, the great thing about digital products is that you don’t have to pay for any shipping, and it doesn’t cost you any money to create the product.

How To Make Money Selling Digital Products on Etsy

Making Sales

Don’t expect to start making loads of money straight away. With this business model, it’s more of a numbers game. You need to upload lots of different products. Some might take off, and some might not. Spend a lot of time uploading different things and see which ones start to sell well. Then, you can double down on the niches that are working really well.

How To Make $5K Selling Simple Digital Products on Etsy

Selling digital products on Etsy is a great passive income strategy. It doesn’t require a lot of upfront investment, and the potential for profit is significant. With the right approach and a bit of creativity, you can create a successful business selling digital products on Etsy.