TextWizard Review

TextWizard Review: TextWizard was recently released among the various other AI writing tools on the market. It has some pretty great limits on it’s plan, but how does it fair up against other AI tools. The trial only gives you access to a few tools, that don’t really tell you much. In order to truly test out this software, you do need the paid version. So, let’s take a look at it it’s content generation and features.

TextWizard Features

TextWizard does not have a lot of tools. This isn’t always a bad thing. Tools like Rytr have very few tools, but those tools are exceptional. Textwizard is very new so they can still add more features with time. There are a few social media post and blogging tools currently available.

They also have a Recipe section, where you can make your own tools, and also find recipes made by other in the community.

TextWizard Features

This is a popular feature in tools like Riku and Closerscopy.

Short and Long-Form Article Creation: Intro

Their most interesting tool, and the one that led me to test out this software in the first place were the Short Article and Long-Form Article creation tools. With these, you should be able to quickly create a short or long article quickly and easily. The tutorial and the marketing video I watched – both created usable articles. Of course, all AI articles will need some additional work, and should be edited for SEO, fact checking and adding links. However, creating a good structure for an article can save you a lot of time and give you some interesting ideas. This TextWizard review is mainly based on these 2 tools – as they are the main feature of this tool.

This was the main reason I purchased this tool, and I have to say – I was very disappointed by it!

Short Article

The short article created a 146 word article. The content is pretty terrible as you’ll see below. This is not on par with anything I’ve seen with GPT-3. In fact, I’ve gotten much better content using GPT-J in Riku. The tool creates subheadings for you, which are barely passable, but there is nothing usable content-wise. This is not a short article, this is a paragraph with subheadings breaking it up.

I tried this tool a number of times to try find some usable content for this review, but was unable to get any better than this.

TextWizard Short Article

Long-Form Article

The long form article was the one I was most interested in. Unlike other long-form tools – TextWizard is supposed to proved a complete article for you to simply edit in the long-form section. You start off by inserting a title for your article and then provide it with subheadings. Unlike other tools, it lets you add as many subheadings as you like. This should allow you to create a much longer article than the standard 500-700 word articles that other tools allow. In this test, I used some of the most popular niches – losing weight, making money and blogging.

I did a number of tests and only the ones revolving blogging were usable as a framework. Every other niche I tried spit out unusable text. The tools also jumbles your subheadings, so you’ll need to move your article around to get it back the way you’d planned. Here are the results of the tool:

TextWizard Long Form Money
How to Make Money Online
TextWizard Long Form Weight
How to Lose Weight Fast
TextWizard Long Form Blogging
How to Write a Great Blog Article

As you can see, the article generator uses a blog intro template to create its content. This results in paragraphs that don’t actually give any useful information. There are so many AI tools on the market – you’d think that a new release would go out of their way to create amazing content. This is definitely not true in this case.

TextWizard Review: My Rating


Tools can develop with time. I’ve seen a lot of tools that I didn’t like, that have improved over time. However, when you release a tool – it does, at the very minimum, have to be usable. This TextWizard review shows that this tool is an obvious cash-grab to try to dupe people looking for a cheap unlimited AI writing tool. Normally I wouldn’t rate a product so low, but with the sheer number of AI tools on the market, there’s no place for tools that don’t push any limits. Refunded.

If you’re searching for a tool that can create complete articles quickly – then give Writecream a go. Their articles are excellent and you can also create your own tools on their platform. The monthly credits are also very reasonable for the quality that they provide.

If you’re looking for an unlimited AI writing tool, you’re better off going for Closerscopy or WordHero. Both of these tools have improved significantly since their release.

TextWizard Alternatives

It’s very hard to compare TextWizard to any other AI tools. I have my problems with lots of tools, but I can still find some way to make use of them. The closest I could compare them to would be ArticleForge and Kafkai, both of which I’ve given the lowest ratings.