Automatically Apply to Jobs – Automatic Job Application

Automatically Apply to Jobs: The job market is tough. It’s hard to know where to start looking for a job, let alone how to apply. Even more difficult is finding a job that you’re qualified for and that you would enjoy. Thankfully, there are now tools that make applying for jobs easier than ever. Instead of spending hours each day searching and applying for a new job – why not just have software do it automatically. There’s a tool that can actually find your perfect job and apply to it for you.

Automatically Apply to Jobs

LoopCV searches for new job openings every day, looking for employment opportunities that match your needs. It can then automatically apply to jobs for you. If you choose not to submit an automatic job application, simply view all your job matches when you get home, and apply with one click. This saves a lot of time, and makes job-hunting way less stressful.

LoopCV automatically apply to jobs

Automatically Email Recruiters

LoopCV can find the direct emails for recruiters in a company and send them a personalized email from you. They a bunch of templates that you choose from, or make your own. It also keeps track of how many, and how often, these emails are opened. And it knows how many companies have replied to you, and which CVs got the most attention. In this way, you can A/B test different styles of CV to see which one’s work best.

LoopCV can also help you to find issues with your CV. On the dashboard, you’ll find fixes that you can quickly use to improve it, and reach more companies.

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Using an automatic job applier can be extremely helpful in finding a job. It’s easy to use, and it helps to speed up the process. By automatically applying to jobs, you can spend more time living your life and less time worrying.