Creative Fabrica Spark Review: AI Art Generation

Creative Fabrica Spark Review: Creative Fabrica is a marketplace for graphics, fonts, mockups, classes, and everything in between. But more recently, they’ve dipped their toes in AI Art generation, with Spark, their new AI art generation tool. It’s free to try out and create images with. If you like it, and want to create images faster, you can always upgrade later to a subscription.

To get started, we simply need to tell Spark what we want created with a prompt. Prompts are the sentences that you use to create your AI Art. A basic prompt is something like “A husky in the style of Picasso” while a more advanced prompt contains a lot more additional elements and descriptive text such as this one “Digital painting of a lush wet natural scene on an alien planet by Gerald Brom, digital render, detailed, beautiful landscape, colorful weird vegetation.”

I tried a bunch of different prompts, and here are the results:

Every time you click generate, it will create 4 images, so you have a higher chance of finding an image that works for you. You are put into a short queue while your images are being generated, but so far, I’ve only had to wait a few seconds. As more people start using this tool – times may increase.

You can speed up your generations even further by signing up for a subscription. It’s $9 a month for 1000 credits (which gives you 4000 images).

The good thing about having a subscription is:

1) You can jump to the top of the queue, so you’ll generate images much faster,
2) You can add multiple images to the queue, and
3) You can earn money from your creations

Making Money with Spark

Now, at the moment, this is something they’re still implementing. It’s not live yet – but basically – in the future, you’ll be able to create images, and get paid a small fee whenever someone downloads your image. So it could be worth it to start growing your catalog now. I’ve made hundreds of images already, and I’ll be adding a few thousand more before the end of the month.

Using the Right Prompts

Whenever you have trouble creating a good-looking image with any AI tool – it’s almost always a problem with your prompt. You need to know which words to use to direct the AI to make something beautiful. It’s almost an art in itself. But, you don’t need to study it, or even learn it – you can simply copy prompts you like and use them to create unique works of art.

Now, I mention this often, but there’s this great site called Lexica that can help you find some amazing prompts for your art. It’s basically a collection of images that have all been created using AI. You can scroll down the main page to get some quick ideas or use the search bar to find something specific. I find all my prompts here.

Lexica AI Art

Some of my favorite prompts are:

detailed portrait Neon Operator Girl, cyberpunk futuristic blue neon, reflective puffy coat, decorated with traditional Japanese ornaments by Ismail inceoglu dragan bibin hans thoma greg rutkowski Alexandros Pyromallis Nekro Rene Maritte Illustrated, Perfect face, fine details, realistic shaded, fine-face, pretty face
head and shoulders render of man cyberpunk face ((single_glowing_red_eye red_emissives!)) android face mecha, inhuman creepy intimidating, exposed cable bundle. intricate wiring and black circuit board detailed. Tom Bagshaw and Greg Rutkowski and Alphonse Mucha Bladerunner 2049 artstation trending 165mm
portrait of a beautiful cyberpunk cyborg female wearing a ballistic face mask with brilliant gold flowing hair and bright red eyes, intricate abstract. intricate artwork. by Tooth Wu, wlop, beeple, dan mumford. octane render, trending on artstation, greg rutkowski very coherent symmetrical artwork. cinematic, hyper realism, high detail, octane render, 8k, iridescent accents

With Creative Fabrica’s Spark, you can choose which images you want to save and delete the rest. All your top images are saved in the My Creations tab. You can then download them and use them with full commercial rights. This means that you can use these images on your physical products, digital products, print on demand products, etc.

Creative Fabrica’s Spark is an easy way to make beautiful art. As someone who can barely draw a stick figure human – I’ve made a ton of unique pieces of art using this tool. It’s fast and powerful, and your credits will go a long way.

If you’d like to try it out for free, you can do so right here.