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Game of Thrones Fan-Made Retro Platformer Released

Game of Thrones 8-bit Fan-Made Platformer

A new Game of Thrones game has been released and this time it's in glorious 8-bit. Though Game of Thrones is the best series on TV, the games haven't faired so well. This little nugget of gold from developer Abel Alves is actually quite fun to play.

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Attack on Titan Update: 3DS Game Details Revealed

Attack on Titan 3DS Game

There hasn't been much in the way of news since the announcement of Attack on Titan receiving a 3DS game, but we've finally been spoiled with a bit more news thanks to the October issue of Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine

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Attack on Titan Fan-Made Game comes to Unity

Attack on Titan Fan Made Game

So one of my all-time favorite anime's now has a fan-made game. Some awesome developer has put an Attack on Titan game together using the Unity Engine. The game is clearly still in beta but it's exciting to have something to mess around with, and it's pretty challenging too.

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Best Lightweight Music Player for Windows 7 and 8

Best Lightweight Music Player for Windows 7 and 8

If you're finally ready to make a change and try something new, there are plenty of decent music/media players free to download online with great feature sets. I've read a number of Top 5 and Top 10 lists on the best lightweight music players

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Anime Review | Attack on Titan: A Bloody Masterpiece

Attack on Titan Review

My favorite action anime this year is a new series called Attack on Titan. Based on the manga series Shingeki no Kyojin, it’s inspiring visuals and deep compelling story makes for an addictive series that’s gained a large following in a short time.

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Virtual Reality Technology 10: Atlas, Real Life Holodeck Technology

Atlas Real Life Holodeck Technology

Atlas is on it's way and will bring an affordable holodeck into our living rooms. Star Trek fans should be overjoyed to hear that we can finally step into and explore our fantasy worlds. VR is stepping up in a big way and this Kickstarter project will allow gamers to

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Virtual Reality Technology 9: Leap Motion Gesture Controller

Leap Motion Gesture Controller

Leap Motion is a motion sensing device that takes what the Kinect attempted to do on Xbox 360, but refined it for use in a variety of other areas. This miniature device allows for touchless control of your computer by sensing motions made above it with a

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Virtual Reality Technology 8: Aireal Tactile Feedback Device

AIREAL Tactile Feedback Vortex Ring

Disney's Aireal is the latest addition to the ever-growing virtual reality family. This device will attempt to bridge the gap between what we see onscreen and what we feel in real life. With the use of the Aireal, we'll be able to receive haptic feedback from virtual objects, and it's pretty impressive to see.

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Virtual Reality Technology 6: Razer Hydra PC Motion Controller

razer hydra pc motion controller

The Razer Hydra is the answer for motion gaming on your PC. If you haven't heard about it already, the Razer Hydra is a high quality device that aims to allow PC gamers to experience accurate motion controls with their favorite PC games.

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Virtual Reality Technology 5: MYO Electric Impulse and Muscle Controller

Myo Armband Electric Impulse and Muscle Controller

The MYO armband will see you controlling games, computers and even radio controlled cars and planes with simple hand gestures. Don't be fooled though, this is no Kinect clone. It's a serious device with some cool features that could revolutionize the way

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Virtual Reality Technology 4: ARAIG Gaming Feedback Suit

ARAIG haptic feedback suit vitual reality technology(2)

As far as virtual reality technology goes, this is one device I hadn't considered. For a truly immersive experience, you'd obviously need some haptic feedback but it's an interesting and, now that I've had time to think about it, very necessary direction to go in.

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Virtual Reality Technology 3: Delta Six Lifelike Gun Controller

delta six lifelike gun controller vitual reality technology

The next step for fully immersive virtual reality is the inclusion of a controller that acts the way it would in real life. This is where the Delta Six's lifelike gun controller steps in. This controller could take FPS games a step further into reality with it's motion controlling and tracking capabilities.

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Virtual Reality Technology 2: Omni, A Multidirectional Treadmill

omni multidirectional treadmill – virtual reality

Slowly but surely, virtual reality is becoming real as various companies put it together piece by piece. After the Oculus Rift, this is one of the most exciting reveals in VR's history. Omni is a multidirectional treadmill that will take immersion to greater levels, and improve fitness as well.

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