ChatGPT and Audible: Make $5 Every Minute

ChatGPT and Audible: Make $5 Every Minute: AI can help in every part of our lives. Writers have found it the most beneficial, but it’s not just limited to them. It’s also a very powerful tool for marketers. There’s an easy way to use ChatGPT and Audible to make $5 every minute of the day. And that’s without selling anything. Let me show you how…

Step 1: Sign Up for ChatGPT

The first step is to sign up for ChatGPT, which is completely free. Or, you can also use one of these ChatGPT alternatives.

Once you’ve signed up, simply ask ChatGPT for a list of 20 different book genres. The AI will provide a wide range of genres, from sci-fi and biographies to romance and thrillers

ChatGPT and Audible

Step 2: Generate Book Ideas

Once you have your list of genres – ask ChatGPT to give you five book ideas for each genre. For example, if you choose the sci-fi genre – ChatGPT will give you a list of the five best sci-fi books. If you’re using the free version of ChatGPT, its data will be a couple years old, but those books will still be popular. You could also use Bing Chat or Chatsonic for more recent data.

Step 3: Create a Canva Post

The next step is to create a post on Canva, a free graphic design platform. The post should look something like this: “5 Sci-FI Books You Must Read,” followed by the names of the books and a brief description for each. You will get all this info from ChatGPT.

Below the descriptions, include a call to action telling people to get the book for free from your bio.

And this is where we can start making some money…

ChatGPT Audible Canva Template

Oh, and if you want to use this template, you can get it here.

Step 4: Join the Audible Affiliate Program

In order to give these books away for free, join the Audible affiliate program through Amazon. Sign up for an Amazon Associates account and check their Bounties section to find Audible affiliate links. Audible has a ton of audiobooks in their catalog. The beauty of the Audible affiliate program is that you earn $5 whenever someone signs up for a free trial. They don’t need to spend a cent. When they sign up, they get to download 1 audiobook for free, and you get paid! People love free stuff, and most people already have an Amazon account, so it’s super convenient for them.

Whenever someone clicks on your Audible link, they’ll see this enticing offer.

Step 5: Create an Instagram Theme Page

Create an Instagram theme page focused on a specific niche or books in general. Here, you can post about different book genres and their top reads. The goal is to attract people interested in these genres and encourage them to sign up for the free trial of Audible through your affiliate link. This way, they get the books for free, and you earn money!

ChatGPT and Audible Instagram

Step 6: Expand to Other Social Media Platforms

Don’t stick to justInstagram. You can also use Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to send more people to your affiliate link. For example, you can make TikTok videos and talk about the top books in each genre. You can then ask them to click your link in the description to get these books for free.

Audible and ChatGPT Make Money

Each of these eye-catching images will lead to your Audible Free Trial where they can download a free audiobook of their choice. They get a free book and you make an easy $5. It’s win-win.

ChatGPT and Audible: Make $5 Every Minute

While this method is a great way to earn some extra money, it’s important to note that you won’t be the only person using this strategy, so you’ll need to be creative in your advertising. Audible has a ton of amazing audiobooks that you can link to. Audiobooks are becoming extremely popular, so it’s not too difficult to get people interested. The more posts you have online, the more likely that someone will use your link to start their trial.