Riku vs Supermachine: AI Image Differences

Riku vs Supermachine: Firstly, both of these tools are made by the same founder but their goals are completely different. Riku is a playground to test out all your different AI tools. Supermachine is designed for a singular purpose, and that’s to create beautiful AI art.


Riku AI Images

So, if you already have a subscription to Riku, you might be wondering if you really need to get Supermachine as well. For most of you, the answer is probably going to be yes, and here’s why.

Riku is great. It’s designed to bring all the different AI models into one playground so you can easily compare the different technologies. You buy your credits directly from each individual AI company, so you don’t have expensive subscription charges every month. With the Stable Diffusion in Riku, you get 25 credits to test it out when you first sign up, but you’ll need to buy additional credits after that. It only costs $10 for 750 credits, and when those run out, you can buy more credits to keep using the tool. Riku has a bunch of different modes that you can use such as the Image2Image and the Inpainting option that you’d get if Stable Diffusion were running from your own computer. Image2Image lets you upload a starting image to base your generation off of, and inpainting lets you draw an image and then generate AI art from it.

Riku vs Supermachine AI Image Differences

You also get these other options where Stable Diffusion has been trained to output specific images. So, if I were to choose T-Shirt Design Diffusion, for example, my image would automatically show up as a mockup on a t-shirt.

Supermachine AI Images

As for Supermachine, it has most of these options already, with some still to be added. You can choose from a variety of dimensions to make your image, and you can upscale them to 4x their normal size. Img2Img is also set to be added in the future. You also get 1000 credits to use to create images with. If you’re one of the lucky ones that buy it during the lifetime deal offer, then you’ll be getting those 1000 credits replenished every month. This will be more than enough for most people’s general use. If you’ve missed the lifetime deal, you can still get a subscription which is still a great offer.

Supermachine vs Riku Do I Need Both

I have a lifetime deal of both because I like playing around in Riku for text generation, while Supermachine gives me the freedom to create tons of images without using up my laptop’s resources or paying subscription fees. I’ll link out to both of them in the description. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll enjoy them too. So, go get it.

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