Virtual Reality Technology 2: Omni, A Multidirectional Treadmill

Slowly but surely, virtual reality is becoming real as various companies put it together piece by piece. After the Oculus Rift, this is one of the most exciting reveals in VR’s history. Omni is a multidirectional treadmill that will take immersion to greater levels, and improve fitness as well.

Virtuix’s Omni, when paired with the Oculus Rift, will allow us to use our body as a motion controller. You’ll soon be able to walk, sprint, crouch and jump in real-time with your favorite games. The overall idea is very intriguing, but as virtual reality is still at a starting point, it’ll be some time before devices like these reach quality levels high enough to truly satisfy gamers.

This device is history in the making, and as it easily surpassed it’s Kickstarter goals, we’re hoping to see some progress next year.