Best Sudoku Puzzle Books 2024: Our Top Picks

Best Sudoku Puzzle Books 2024: Looking for a fun gift for yourself or your family? Well, these Sudoku puzzle books are great to keep everyone in your family busy for ages. Sudoku helps with logical thinking and is one of the best brain training games that anyone can play without having to do any math. So let’s take a look at some of the biggest trending Sudoku books this year:

Best Sudoku Puzzle Books 2024

This BIG Sudoku Puzzle Book comes with 1300 puzzles and it super affordable. Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas gift, you can’t go wrong with this jumbo book.

It’s been recently updated with brand new puzzle with even better levels of difficulty, as well as positioning all the puzzles as far away as possible from the binding so that they are easier to see in such a big book. This is one of our absolute favorite and clearly one of the best sudoku puzzle books 2024.

You can find it on Amazon here: US / UK

Best Sudoku Puzzle Books 2023

If you’ve mastered standard Sudoku and want an even bigger challenge, then Samurai Sudoku might be for you. The same rules apply, except that your grid is now made up of 5 overlapping Sudoku puzzles. There are both standard and large print versions available, each with different puzzles.

If you love Sudoku, but want something different to keep those brain juices flowing – then Samurai Sudoku is the way to go.

You can find them on Amazon here:
Standard – US / UK
Large Print – US / UK

large print samurai sudoku

Here’s something you’ve never seen before – a Couples Sudoku book. These puzzles all face in opposite directions, so you can sit across from your partner and both complete Sudoku puzzles. This is great for spending some quality time together (and for competitive partners).

These are the perfect Valentines gift for relaxing with your partner, or for competitive nights.

Available on Amazon here: US / UK

couples sudoku gift romantic

How do let kids have fun while still getting them to learn? Well, Sudoku For Kids, of course. This book is designed for kids from ages 6 – 9.

Help them get a head-start in life by using Sudoku to teach them executive function skills and improve their focus. The puzzles get bigger and more difficult as you progress, so they’ll get to enjoy it for years to come.

Amazon: US / UK

kids sudoku puzzle book ages 6 9

For older kids, there’s a Sudoku version that they’ll love as well. This book is for ages 8 – 12 and is something they’ll look forward to after finishing their homework.

This book increases in difficulty and puzzle size as the book progresses, so kids will never get bored or complacent. Give your kids the tools they need to succeed in life, while still making it fun.

You just can’t go wrong with a good Sudoku book.

Amazon: US / UK

kids sudoku puzzle book ages 8 12

Those are our best Sudoku puzzle books for 2024. Make sure you get a copy while stocks last. If you prefer word search puzzles, then check out our list of the Best Word Search Puzzle Books for Adults.

What Are Sudoku Puzzle Books

A Sudoku puzzle book is a book where the main text is broken up into blocks (called grids) of nine digits. Each grid consists of nine blocks, numbered from 1 to 9, across and down. The block numbers must all be filled with numbers in ascending order. An additional requirement is that there must be no repeating digit within any row, column, or diagonal. Once all the numbers have been filled in, each grid must be completed by filling in the remaining numbers. There are three variations on this game: the standard, the jumble, and the cryptic.

The Benefits of Playing Sudoku

Many people are getting into the habit of playing sudoku for relaxation after long days at the office. To start, Sudoku is a proven, highly effective form of cross-training in the brain. It engages several areas of the brain, including visual and spatial skills, which help us to improve our ability to focus and to make quicker, more accurate decisions. Sudoku is designed to increase concentration, improve focus, and develop executive function skills such as memory, planning, organization, and prioritization.


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