Best Difficult Maze Puzzles for Adults

Best Difficult Maze Puzzles for Adults: Working your way through a maze forces you to work on a singular task and helps to declutter your mind. As your attention is focused on escaping the maze, you’re unlikely to be thinking about how bad your day may have been. It’s a simple way of destressing and it works a treat. You might also find that word search puzzles and sudoku puzzles are also great for destressing.

As you progress, you will need to find more difficult mazes to keep your attention. Here are some of my favorite maze puzzle books:

Best Difficult Maze Puzzles for Adults

Maze Puzzle Book for Adults

This is my favorite maze book. Although it only has 125 mazes – these will be the most difficult mazes you will ever do. One maze will take you ages to complete as the design of the maze is extremely complex. This is a great gift for someone that you love (or hate).

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Maze Puzzles for Adults

These maze puzzles are designed for adults but are not as insane as the ones above. These come in easy, medium and hard difficulty. They are designed to give you a growing challenge throughout the book. There are 300 puzzles included, so it’ll take you ages to complete.

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Maze Puzzles Easy Medium Hard

This is the mini version of the one above. It also has 3 levels of difficulty which progress exactly the same as one above it. This book has 100 puzzles and is therefore cheaper to purchase. This is a great book to start off with to see if you’re really interested in mazes or not. It’s also the perfect gift for friends and family.

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Blue Cover – US / UK