Top 5 AI Content/Article Generators

Top 5 AI Content/Article Generators: You can use automation tools such as content generators and marketing automation software to get more out of your content.

There are many tools that you can use to create automated content. But before you decide on which ones to use, it is important to first identify your goals and the type of message that you want to convey. You might also want to look at the level of complexity in your message because not all tools are designed for complicated messages.

With so many GPT-3 AI content generator tools popping up each day, I decided to sit down and test out as many as I could and choose the top 5.

The tools that I tested before writing this article are:

ArticleForge,, Copysmith, Jasper (aka Jarvis aka, Kafkai, Nichesss, Peppertype, Rytr, Snazzy AI, WordAI, WordHero, and Writesonic. I am not including Shortly in this test as, although it’s an excellent long-form tool, everything else in this list have many more options that are comparable to each other.

The benefit of using these tools is that they allow you to be more efficient with your time while still giving you a quality product. They also allow you to be creative and improve on what they provide through brainstorming ideas and editing drafts.

When looking at AI content creation tools, I split them into grades that I have created based purely on content (not on the number of options available):

Grade A+ = perfect content, excellent spelling/punctuation, content matches closely to input
Grade A = very good content, very good spelling/punctuation, content matches closely to input
Grade B = good content, good spelling/punctuation, content matches reasonably well to input
Grade C = okay content, content generated will match input most of the time
Grade D = not very good content, needs a lot of editing and proofreading
Grade E = gibberish

I have spent weeks testing out the various GPT3 AI content generators that are available and have reduced my list to the following top 5 options.

Top 5 AI Content/Article Generators

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Let’s see which 5 tools made the cut:

1. Rytr AI comes with a range of features and can churn out both blog posts and social media updates fast, meaning you can get back to doing what you’re best at, which is running your business. Rytr is a new kid on the block but has some of the best content generation I’ve ever seen. Their blog idea section has given me the best ideas from any AI software and is how I decide the heading and subheading for all my articles. They provide Grade A+ content, but as they are new, they don’t have as many options as the above two options. For this reason, they are considerably cheaper to purchase, but I doubt this will be for long. Their trial has very few credits, but it will be enough for you do a few AI content generations and see the quality that provide.

2. is a next generation copywriting automation software. It finds the most relevant content about your keywords and writes articles based on that information. It’s the ultimate content generation software for marketers. has a very generous 7-day free trial, so you can test out all of its features before deciding if its right for you. has also been around for awhile and they are feature-rich. From blogs to fiction stories to social media – they’ve got a tool that will work for you. The content generations with are Grade A+, so you’ll get both quality and quantity with this amazing tool. Their unlimited version is also cheaper than Jasper, so it’s an absolute bargain. are currently running a limited time offer, where if you sign up to their trial through this link, you will see a special 40% off link in your account. This is only available during the first 4 days of your trial, and will drop the price to $21 a month.

3. Jasper AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence software that instantly generates a high number of high-quality content for your business. The software is designed to help content creators to create more content and more efficiently. Content creators can use the application to generate blog posts, articles, and even sections for their websites. This is the best tool for someone that creates a lot of content and wants the latest tech at their fingertips. Jasper are experts in this field. They have every possible tool you can think of, and are always adding more features. Their content generations are Grade A+, so you’ll get quality content every time. They are the most expensive option but your money is not going to waste.

Get 10,000 free credits if you sign up through this link.

4. WordHero is a new content generator that caught my attention. I almost skipped over this one because the website was so barebones. It’s definitely still in it’s infancy stage but there’s a lot of heart in this project. There is no trial so I was forced to purchase it to test it out, and I’m glad I did. The content generated is Grade A, so you’re getting quality text that is instantly usable. The UI, output length and the options available are still way behind the other offers above, but (at the time of writing this article) After looking through the roadmap and joining the Facebook group, I can see that the developer is very focused on making the software better and isn’t spending time making the website look better, adding trial features, etc. I’m sure this will all be added in time, but I’m thrilled that updates to the core tool are being added frequently. WordHero has a lifetime unlimited option available on Appsumo, which is very rare for quality content generators. This definitely won’t last long, as that would become unsustainable. For a budget AI tool, this is the best available.

5. algorithms are trained on tons of articles, so they produce high-quality results. The tool is very easy to use, and it offers a lot of valuable features. comes from the Pepper Content company that has thousands of content creators creating high quality content for clients. They are experts in the content game and they have lots of content available to train their content generator to the highest possible levels. I’m expecting big things from this company and I signed up with them immediately after testing out their software. It outputs Grade B content each and every time. They are also quite new, so they don’t have all the bells and whistles that Jasper and have added over the years, but the team is strong, and they are working fast to add in new features.

The team is quite friendly and extremely helpful when asked questions. Head over here to test out their services. Their trial is very generous, so you’ll have enough credits to test out all of their features.

All 5 of these tools are create high quality content and will be an invaluable source to your content creation. You will increase speed and productivity substantially by adding AI to your workflow. You could spend all day reading reviews about each one of these products, but as they are all developing so quickly, and their features are constantly changing, one might be slightly better than the others for only days before being outshone. I recommend that you try each one of these for yourself. Each tool will be stronger in some sections that others, and you will only know which one is best for you by using it for your specific use case.