How to Make Sales with Low Content Publishing KDP Books

How to Make Sales with Low Content Publishing KDP Books: If you’ve been failing to make sales with Amazon KDP, then you’re probably missing some key ingredients that separate those that make daily sales and those that make none. KDP is an incredible opportunity for anyone to make money without any previous experience or starting capital. There are lots of resources that available to help you on this journey and we’ve curated the best tools for you below.


Covers are the first thing that a customer sees, and play a major part in whether they buy your book or not. Before they read your description or view your interior – they may have already lost interest due to your cover. There’s a special method of creating simple covers that stands out to customers – it’s easy to learn and anyone can do it.

We actually wrote an article describing exactly how to do it here: Tips for Creating Stunning Amazon KDP Covers

KDP Interiors

1. Low Content

Low content books are the easiest to make, but unfortunately have become the most difficult to sell. Due to the large number of books being created daily, you need to really think outside the box to make sales. Basically, you want to direct your low content book towards a specific group that most other authors are not targeting. It’s also a good idea to avoid the standard journal interiors and, instead, use less common KDP interiors.

Here are some free KDP interiors that aren’t very common: Free KDP Low Content Interiors

2. Puzzle Interiors

If you want to make serious profits with KDP, then creating puzzle books is the best way to go. The competition is MUCH lower than low content books, and the profits are higher. Puzzle books sell well throughout the year, but they skyrocket on holidays.

There are a lot of puzzle making apps available, but very few good ones. It’s simple to create puzzles but it’s more difficult to organize them properly on a PDF to look good, and without overlapping onto the margins.

To find the best tools for creating puzzles, check out our article: Free Puzzle Generator Software

How to Make Sales with Low Content Publishing KDP Books

The great thing about KDP is that it’s set and forget. If you create great books, you can profit from them for the rest of your life. It’s important to remember that quality is better than quantity in this line of business. You will notice that the more effort you put into creating your books, the better they sell. Keep at it, and you’ll see sales in no time. Good luck!