Virtual Reality Technology 6: Razer Hydra PC Motion Controller

The Razer Hydra is the answer for motion gaming on your PC. If you haven’t heard about it already, the Razer Hydra is a high quality device that aims to allow PC gamers to experience accurate motion controls with their favorite PC games.

This ultra-low latency device is basically two controller with analog sticks, 5 buttons and 2 trigger buttons, all connected to a base station. The controllers use magnetic motion tracking to accurately determine where your controllers are in relation to the base.

Portal 2 natively supports the Razer Hydra and works pretty well. Unlike most motion controllers you see these days, the Razer Hydra is a wired device. Now I don’t really mind wired devices too much, as it gives me one less thing to charge, but it can be frustrating if you want to sit further back while playing games on a larger monitor.

Motion gaming isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy playing games with the Playstation Move, you’ll love this device just as much if not more. The controls are very accurate but I’d still recommend a mouse and keyboard for FPS gaming. Nevertheless, I think this controller has a lot of benefits and after seeing a modified version of it at GDC, I’m pretty excited at what the future could hold. I would love to see this device attached to the front of the Omni, and together with the Oculus Rift, we could a achieve a more immersive Sword Art Online experience.

Check out this device in action below: