Top 3 Best Swamp Coolers

top best swamp cooler

Top 3 Best Swamp Coolers: Swamp coolers cool air by using evaporating water. They are also called evaporative coolers. They are much cheaper than conventional air conditioners and are much better for the environment. Let’s get straight to it and look at the top swamp coolers on the market.

Top 3 Best Swamp Coolers

1) BREEZEWELL 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

best swamp coolers

The Breezewell 2-in-1 is one of the most popular swamp coolers available. It has 3 speeds, 4 modes, a 40° oscillation, and 8-hour timer. It’s makes very little noise, so it’s perfect for both home and office use. It can also be used in any season, even winter – as it has a humidifier function.

The bladeless design makes it safe to have around young kids and pets. This design choice also prevents it from collecting dust. It has a removable 1 gallon water tank that is easy to fill. It has tons of positive reviews from happy customers, making it our number 1 top swamp cooler.

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2) Hessaire MC37M Portable Swamp Cooler

top swamp cooler

Slightly larger and more expensive than our number 1 choice. This swamp cooler is still great value for money. It also has 3 fan speeds and oscillating louvers to ensure an even distribution of cool air.

This evaporative cooler can be filled by attaching a household hose with it’s included float adaptor. It’s larger size provides for a larger evaporative surface. This makes cooling very economical for any household. It can run for up to 4 hours on one tank of water.

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3) Comfyhome 2-in-1 Evaporative Cooler

top 3 best swamp cooler

This is another great option that is low cost but very efficient. As with the other models, it also works as both a cooler and humidifier. It has a 70° oscillating design to help circulate air evenly.

This bladeless cooler cools down rooms quickly and efficiently. This makes it one of the top 3 best swamp coolers.

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Swamp Coolers vs. Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are closed system that require all doors and windows to be closed to maximize the cooling process. It works by cooling air as it flows over its internal coils. These coils are cooled or heated within the AC and the air is continuously re-circulated in your home.

Swamp cooler are an open system. They require hot air to evaporate the water which is then used for cooling. This means that use much less electricity and are better for the environment. By opening/closing door and windows, you can direct the air flow from the cooler to different rooms.

With the increasing price of electricity and its impact on the environment, swamp coolers are becoming the more popular choice.