Latest Android Games System (Micro Console) – MOJO

New Android Gaming Console (Micro Console) – MOJO

I write about every Android game system I spot, simply because I’m so excited about the rebirth of Android gaming. These micro consoles will allow true gamers to finally experience Android games as all games should be played – with a controller.


I’m pretty awful at touchscreen controls and detest touchscreen directional pads.,which has left me with a backlog of Android games that I”m dying to play. Soon I’ll get to enjoy them on my TV, with a proper controller, in glorious HD.


The next micro console set to be released is called MOJO, by Mad Catz, is looking to be just what I need to start enjoying Android gaming again. The Ouya, Gamestick, Gamepop and Geen Throttle will all be competing with it for the top spot but I reckon MOJO in pretty good contender.


MOJO Android Games System


The first thing I have mention, and most importantly, is that MOJO will be an open system with Google Play installed, meaning you won’t have to shell out more cash for games you already own. This is what I’ve been looking for from the start.


Mad Catz Mojo USB HDMI 1080p



The unit itself resembles a foot pedal with a narrow front leading out to a larger back end, where you’ll find your HDMI output(1080p) and USB slots. MOJO comes packaged with Mad Catz CTRLR, a magnificent Bluetooth controller, that packs a hinge which allows you to place your cell phone on it for mobile gaming. The USB slots will allow you to use other accessories on your MOJO like any USB keyboard or mouse you have lying around. This gives gamers a lot more freedom when playing games.

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Mad Catz -CTRLR for MOJO


Now, not all games on Google Play allow you to play with a controller but I’m sure that more developers will start adding support once micro consoles hit the market. In the meantime, Mad Catz CTRLR has a handy mouse feature that allows you play many games that were designed only for touchscreen play.

Along with regular Bluetooth, this controller also features Bluetooth Smart technology which allows for ultra-low latency for lag-free gaming. You can also hook this masterpiece of a controller up to your phone, tablet or PC.


So far, we know that it’ll be packing a Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 1080p video, and both Wi-Fi and wired connections, but the remaining specs have not been released. Mad Catz have been upfront in saying that this console will be more than $100, but for a decent Bluetooth controller and 1080p gaming, I’m willing to give it a shot. It’s expected out later this year and we’ll be waiting for further news on this one.