Best Alternative to Canva – Cheapest Budget

Best Alternative to Canva: If you’ve ever needed to create an image for your website or social media, then I’m sure you’ve used either Canva or Crello (VistaCreate). Canva is undoubtedly the king of easy image creation and is always adding new features and improving their current tools. There have been very few tools that offer similar functionality… until now.

Tools I Have Tested and Do Not Recommend

There are a number of tools that I’ve tried out that just haven’t reached their full potential yet.

Crello (VistaCreate) is the most famous tool, after Canva, but their dimension sizes are limited, i.e. they do not allow sizes larger than 3000×3000 pixels. This makes creating images for Merch (4500x5400px) impossible.

Other tools such as Glorify, PicMonkey, Snappa, Stencil, Designbold and Pixlr all have their own unique benefits but none of them reach the level that Canva does. I’ve switched back and forth between these tools but have not found one that could replace Canva. That has now changed.

Best Alternative to Canva

Pixelied has moved from a subscription service to a lifetime deal offer. After their last update, they now allow for multiple pages per design – which makes editing variations so much easier.

It ticks all the right boxes as a Canva competitor. Of course, it does not have every option that Canva has, but it has everything that is important and has roadmap that promises new and amazing features (including a GPT-3 AI writer). It also allows you to create custom sizes – with no maximum size. You can create an image as big as you want!

If you’ve ever used Canva – Pixelied has a very similar design layout, so you’ll find it easy to get around. It has all the effects, filters, and adjustments you’ll need to make your images look amazing.

Pixelied has a bunch of custom illustrations, logos and templates to help you easily put together impressive designs.

Software Lifetime Deal

Pixelied is currently running a LIFETIME OFFER, so you can gain access to this amazing tool at a reduced price. There are no upsells, no extra charges, no subscription fees. You pay once, and you get a pro account with a lifetime license.

The roadmap has some great features being added, as well as lots of improvements to their current range of tools. In its current state, this software is already worth a lot more than it is currently being sold for.

If you’ve been searching for a Canva alternative for as long as I have, then I’m sure you’ll be as thrilled as I am for this deal. For the price of a few months of Canva, you’ll have access to this tool for a lifetime.


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