WriterZen Review: Best Search Engine Ranking Tool

WriterZen Review: Best Search Engine Ranking Tool – I use a lot of different tools in my various online pursuits, but WriterZen is one of the very few that I use each and every day. I’m going to give you a quick breakdown as to what makes this tool so powerful, and why I use it so often.

WriterZen is made up of 4 main tools: Keyword Explorer, Topic Discovery, Content Creator and Plagiarism Checker. I use this tool only for the Keyword Explorer – and it’s worth every cent, but I’ll go through the other features as well for the sake of this review.

WriterZen Review

Keyword Explorer

WriterZen Keyword Research

If you’ve ever used Google’s Keyword Planner or any other SEO keyword tool, then you’ll have an idea of what this tool is all about. It’s used to find the best keywords to help you articles rank well in Google. You get the standard fields – volume, CPC, competition, etc.

However the reason that I adore WriterZen so much – is that it has the Golden Filter option. This is a toggle that you can switch on that will give you the AllInTitle and Golden Score of each long-tail keyword. Basically, it runs every result through Google, searching for an “exact” match. If a long-tail keyword has fewer matches, then it’s a usually a good keyword to target. I would normally spend hours checking for the AllInTitle results manually, and now I do it in seconds. By simply looking for a low AllInTitle and Golden Score – you can quickly spot SEO keyword winners.

There are also numerous filter features that makes it easy to whittle down thousands of results to just a handful of highly targeted keywords. I honestly don’t know how I managed without it for all these years.

Topic Discovery

WriterZen Topic Discovery

Topic Discovery does exactly what it says. You type in a keyword and it will provide a huge list of topics – all segmented into different categories. When you find something that interests you, click on Show ideas to get the full list.

There’s also a relevancy scale, so you can choose how closely or widely you’d like the search to be from your original keyword/s. This could be great for anyone who’s short on ideas for their next article.

Content Creator

WriterZen Content Creator

The Content Creator tool helps you to make quality articles. It walks you through the whole process from beginning to end. You start by putting in a seed word/keyphrase. WriterZen will then search Google to find related articles and pull information on all of them. You can use this info to find headings and keywords that you might not of thought to add to your article.

When it comes time to actually start writing, WriterZen will tell you how well you’re doing in general, as well as how good your article is compared to the top results. It will let you know if your article is shorter than everyone else’s, has fewer keywords, etc. It’s a pretty handy tool if you want to rank above specific competitors.

WriterZen has also recently added an AI Assistant to help you write your articles. There’s a toggle at the bottom of your article to switch it on. It can then write large sections of your blog post for you.

The AI Assistant has a ton of different writing tools in it. Everything is focused on writing blog content, so don’t expect social media post tools, email writing tools, etc. From my tests with it, the quality of the text was excellent and so is the range of tools.

Plagiarism Checker

Finally, we have the plagiarism checker. Paste your content into this tool and it will check to make sure that it is original. After writing this review, I’ll probably start using this tool as well a bit more. It’s a quick and simple tool that completes this package of tools.

And that’s a quick breakdown of WriterZen. It has everything you need to research ideas, find keywords and create high quality content. If this tool had only the Keyword Research tool, I would still happily pay full price. Every other tool in Writerzen is also very powerful and well-designed. The team are active on their Facebook group and are quick to respond to suggestions and feedback. If you’ve been waiting for the best search engine ranking tool – then this what you’ve been waiting for.

WriterZen is currently running a lifetime deal offer, where you pay once and have lifetime access.


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