Best Free Web Hosting 2021

Best Free Web Hosting 2020

Best Free Web Hosting 2021: A penny saved is a penny earned. Saving money is great, but not at the expense of your website. You want to maintain great speeds and up-time or your website and sales WILL suffer. So I’m going to show you the current top free web hosting services this year.

We’re not gonna waste your time with the usual suspects. You’ll read all over the internet about 000Webhost,, 5GBFree, Freehostia, Byethost, etc. We’ve had terrible experiences with all the free hosts, ranging from a number of problems including:

  • Unable to upload an old site
  • Unable to download a new site
  • Website almost always down
  • Unable to make backups
  • Website is so slow that it’s unusable
  • Not enough space
  • Not enough resources (website crashes)
  • Emails not working
  • Website deleted for no reason without warning
  • Account deleted for no reason without warning

Honestly, I hate writing about free hosting because of all the memories it brings back with terrible experiences but there’s always someone that needs to save a bit of money so I’ll tell you what works.

There is only 1 that is currently worth anything right now:


Groovefunnels (free hosting for 3 custom domains with this link) is a new site that’s trying to go head-to-head with Clickfunnels. If you’ve never heard of Clickfunnels, it’s a website creation and hosting site that funnels customers through multiple pages to collect their email address and try to upsell them items before they checkout.

Groovefunnels is trying to increase their number of users with free accounts that you can upgrade at a later time if you need additional features. However, for many users, the free account is perfectly fine. The info is a bit murky but I believe that Groovefunnels used to offer you 3 subdomains on their free plan and you couldn’t add your own custom domains.

At the time of writing this, you can add custom domains to all 3 of your website on Groovefunnels if you use THIS LINK.