How to Edit Video with Text

How to Edit Video with Text: Editing videos can be difficult and time-consuming for a lot of people. As someone who is terrible at video editing, I had to find a better way to do it – to save time (and my sanity).
Luckily, there is software that can help you edit video with text.

Pictory and Descript can transcribe your video into text. You can then edit the text to edit the video. It makes editing super-simple for those of us that battle with it.

When you make a video, you usually make a lot of mistakes. This means that you’ll have a lot of different takes of the same sentences. When editing videos the traditional way, you need to listen to the dialogue and cut out each mistakes. This takes a lot of time (especially when you make a lot of mistakes).

When you’re editing with text, you can simply browse over the text and delete repeating lines. Pictory will instantly delete the corresponding audio and video, leaving a perfect jump-cut.

There are also toggles that allow you to:

  1. Delete filler words – automatically delete all of “ums and ahs” from your videos
  2. Delete silences from your videos – quickly delete long silences from your video with the flip of a switch
  3. Add/remove subtitles from your video – you can choose to show or hide the subtitle text from your video

Pictory and Descript are incredibly powerful piece of software that makes video editing a breeze. It’s one of only a handful of tools that allows you to edit videos by editing text. You can find out more about it here: 3 Easy To Use Video Editing Software


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