Easily Edit Your YouTube Videos

Easily Edit Your YouTube Videos: Editing videos is difficult the first time you have to do it. You should be able to make some basic edits after watching some YouTube videos, but if you want to actually make them look good – you’ll need a decent tool.

There are a ton of video editing tools available, but most of them are overkill. By the time you’ve learned even a portion of the features available – the software is already outdated. If you want to make videos fast and as easy as possible, I’ll show you a few tools that will get the job done.

What Editing Is Necessary

Editing your videos is important because it can help make your videos look more professional and polished. There are a few things you can do to edit your videos:

  1. Trim the video to remove any unwanted footage.
  2. Add music or other audio to the video.
  3. Add text or subtitles to the video.
  4. Crop the video to focus on specific footage.
  5. Speed up or slow down the video.
  6. Edit the color and brightness of the video.
  7. Remove any background noise from the footage.

Easily Edit Your YouTube Videos

I used tools like Adobe Premiere to edit my videos for a long time, however, I found that I was spending more time editing than I was actually creating those videos. Although tools like Premiere and Final Cut are very powerful – they do have a steep learning curve and make simple things overly complicated. So, I started looking for tools that would make my life easier – and I found a couple great one’s.

There are 2 tools that I now use regularly for editing my videos:

1. Pictory – Pictory is a tool that allows you to make quick videos, by simply inputting a script. Pictory is able to generate a video using different stock videos and photos to create a video based on your text. It can even automatically add music and a voice to your video.

If, however, I have already created a video using my own footage – Pictory lets me edit videos by editing text. This allows me to edit my videos in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

2. Wave.video – Wave.video is another of my favorite editors. I use Wave whenever I want to add flashy text, overlays and stickers to my videos. Things that would normally take me 15 minutes to add using Adobe Premiere, can now be added in seconds.

It has lots of premium stock footage to add to my B-roll, and comes with video hosting included. Wave.video also has the ability to create videos from text – making it a very powerful tool.

Editing your videos is necessary to make any videos watchable. If you simply record and upload your footage, you’ll never grow your subscriber count. Quality is important, and subscribers expect it more than ever before.


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