Biteplay Review: Get More Views on YouTube and Cheaper Ad Clicks

Biteplay Review: Biteplay was created for helping YouTube advertisers get cheaper clicks, but it has also become a great tool for YouTubers to find video ideas and popular niches. Biteplay is an impressive piece of software that combines a number of tools to help you find the right videos to post your ads on, as well as finding influencers that may help to promote your product/service.

It helps you to reach the right audiences while saving you lots of time. It’s surprising that it took so long for someone to create a tool for this purpose.

Biteplay Features

Video Search – simply input a keyword and the video search will show you the top videos related to that keyword. It will then give you a breakdown of all the info related to those videos, including – SERP data, video descriptions, video tags, publish date, etc.

Find Influencer – helps you to find popular YouTubers, or YouTuber in your niche, according to the keywords you provide. You can quickly see the total number of video views and subscribers of each channel and get their contact information.

Keywords – quickly find the most searched for keywords in YouTube for your niche. This is similar to the Google Keyword Planner, but for YouTube.

Tag Generator – pulls the best tags to add to your videos. It helps to add tags to your videos in seconds.

Video Checker – get all the information of a particular video or channel pulled and put into a table format

Video Info – pulls the info from a bulk list of videos you are interested in targeting or planning to use for inspiration.

Topic Tracker – get daily alerts about trending videos. Never miss a YouTube trend again.

ConversionTracking – If you sell a product or service through YouTube ads, the Conversion Tracker will help you get an analysis of your conversions.

Content Tracker – tracks the performance of specific videos

Biteplay Review

As you can see, Biteplay has a wide variety of tools to help you find videos to run your ads on, as well as an easy way to contact influencers.

Their main purpose is to help advertisers, and it does a great job with this. However, I mainly use the platform for finding inspiration when creating my YouTube videos. By being able to find keywords and tags in seconds, I can spend less time on that and more time on editing my videos. I can also quickly view what factors are shared between popular videos, and add those elements to my videos.

Their roadmap shows that they are working on more features for Video Creators, which I’m thrilled about. I still use my TubeBuddy for certain YouTube features, but that is mostly for automating copying cards across videos, and bulk find and replace features. TubeBuddy is very cheap, so it’s worth it having both.

If you’re both a video creator, and someone who run ads on YouTube – then Biteplay is a no-brainer. It will save you lots of time and money in the long run.

You can try out Biteplay for free here.


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