Top 3 Tips to Automate Social Media Marketing

Top 3 Tips to Automate Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing can be a lot of work. It’s probably my least favorite part of SEO. Growing a social media audience is not easy, and keeping them interested is even harder. Automating some of your social media marketing efforts will make your life easier. So, lets look at the top 3 tips you can use to start automating your social media marketing.

1. Use the Right Social Media Automation Tools

There are a lot of tools available to help manage your social media accounts. These tools are known as social media automation tools. They help you schedule and manage your social media accounts. Marketing through social media is one the easiest ways to reach your audience on a budget. If you are a small business owner, you may not have the resources to hire a social media agency. However, there’s no need to spend thousands on an agency to share your content when there are automation tools that can do it for you.

Quuu Promote is one the most interesting content promotion tools I’ve come across. They will share your articles with other people who are looking for quality content for their social media. These people will share your content on multiple social media sites – basically mass-promoting your articles. This allows you access to social media without ever needing to even create a social media page for your business. It’s the hands-off approach to marketing.

They have a manual option where you choose the articles you would like to promote, and an automatic option which pulls articles directly from your website. For business’ looking for a simple way to promote their articles/products – it doesn’t get any easier than this.

2. Make Use of RSS Feeds for True Automation

We live in a world where technology has become so advanced and accessible, that it is able to do many things beyond imagination. We can use these technological advances to make use of simple RSS feeds.

Missinglettr is able to notice whenever you’ve posted a new article on your website/blog and automatically create a year’s worth of social media content from it. It will take snippets of text from your article, create related hashtags and import the images you’ve used into its software. You can then add any extra text snippets, hashtags and images that you like or remove one’s that you don’t. It takes about 2 minutes to have a years worth of social media posts ready to go. It can post to Facebook pages and groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.

You can also use Missinglettr as a social media scheduler and manually add in social media content that you would like to post.

If you get the pro version, you gain access to their Curate feature. With Missinglettr Curate, you can let others share you content for you. Other marketers will be able to utilize your content to fill gaps in their social feed. Whenever they don’t have something useful to share with their audience, they can use some of your content instead.

Of course, you also have access to a whole network of great content to share on your feed as well, if you are short of content. This is completely optional.

3. Create Engaging Social Posts Automatically

Social media marketing can be automated in more ways than just scheduling. Whether you’re manually posting to social media or using scheduling tools – you may want to change the captions to make them more appealing to your base. This can also be automated by using a tools such as is an A.I. content creation tool that utilizes GPT-3 technology. This technology was only just released in 2020 and is able to create content that looks like it was made by a professional copywriter (someone who writes text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing). But it’s not just limited to writing articles…

It can also create Facebook captions, Instagram captions, YouTube descriptions, general ad copy and even hashtags. You simply give it an idea of what you’re looking to achieve – it will understand your request and start generating unique text that will match your idea.

So you see, A.I. is revolutionizing the way social media and marketing work. It’s still relatively unknown to most marketers, but the one’s that do know about it, are cutting hours out of their day. By adding A.I. to your team, what would normally take you hours to complete, can be done in mere minutes.


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