How to Read/See FLAC Tags in Windows 7 Explorer

If you’ve downgraded to Windows 7 after fighting with Windows 10 for too long or simply refuse to upgrade – you may have noticed that Windows Explorer is not able to see the your FLAC music tags in Windows Explorer. It’s a simple oversight by Microsoft that has never been patched.

Flac Tags missing?

However, there’s a very easy fix using a Windows 7 FLAC Tag Addon that will make FLAC tags display as simply as MP3s do.

Basically, if you’re a neat freak like myself and like to have all  the info for your FLAC music shown clearly in the Windows Explorer columns, you’ll need this little addon.

You need a Windows Explorer extension in order to parse FLAC metadata like Audioshell

Install it, and during the installation, make sure to check the box for FLAC and restart your computer.


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