Face Mask Sewing Pattern – Face Mask Pattern PDF

Face Mask Sewing Pattern

Face Mask Sewing Patterns are in high demand at the moment. You can find many face mask pattern PDF designs online at cheap and steep price points. In order to make your masks quickly and easily, it’s important to choose a pattern that is easy to follow and that will fit as many face types as possible.

My favorite pattern is the one made by Visculture that incorporates 3 completely different designs into one package and all for less that $5. You can find a their patterns here: Face Mask Sewing Pattern

Each design comes with patterns for both adults and children. And because you have 4 designs to work with – you can create masks that will fit slimmer faces, faces with beards and super comfy masks.

Face Mask Sewing Pattern

When buying a face mask pattern, make sure that you get one with sizes for both adults and children. Even you don’t have kids, I guarantee you that someone you know will ask you about your mask, and want one for their kid.

If you have a beard, I recommend using a pattern with pleats. This will give you a bit of extra material that you can pull over your beard. It’s important to note that not many patterns come with the option to include a filter. However, this is easily fixed. For example, if you use the face mask sewing pattern that I’ve mentioned above, you can simply leave a small opening on the bottom of face mask patterns 1 and 3 when sewing and use that space to insert a filter. Face mask 2 can also be used with a filter by leaving a space in the back middle area. This is easy to understand when you’re looking at the pattern itself.

For more info about face mask patterns, please contact VisCulture on their website.