Fabric Face Mask Pattern – Cloth Face Mask Pattern

Fabric Face Mask Pattern – Cloth Face Mask Pattern – The CDC is now recommending that people use cotton face masks when interacting in public. Of course, social distancing should be done as much as possible, however, sometimes it is necessary to leave your home for grocery shopping or other essential activities. This is when a cotton face mask comes in handy, and is strongly advised.

In order to prevent people from using up valuable resources during these trying times, it has been widely stated that cotton masks were unnecessary. But most outlets have had to backtrack these statements as countries like South Korea have had huge success in slowing down infection rates. And in order to increase public awareness, the media and the CDC are now fully supportive of cotton face masks.

Fabric Face Mask Pattern

Face masks do not have to be made from pure cotton. Cotton blends, found in most t-shirts, are also a great alternative to make your own face masks at home. My favorite fabric face mask pattern is the extra large kind, that covers my beard as well. There are also 3 other designs in the bundle for every face shape and size. I use 100% cotton for the masks that I make with a lining made from coffee filters (as I’ve been unable to source any other type of filters). These have worked well for me and have made a great gift for friends and family.

Cloth Face Mask Pattern

I strongly believe that if you are not a senior citizen, and do not have underlying health conditions, then you should donate any disposable face masks you have to your local hospital. I’m sure that they would even be happy accepting cloth face masks as well. From the healthcare workers that I know, they are in desperate need of any and all protective gear that is available. If you know how to sew, this cloth face mask pattern will get you started on making face masks in a quick and easy manner. A cloth face mask pattern / fabric face mask pattern will give you the freedom to create as many mask as you need in the shortest amount of time. In this way, you can help those that you love to stay safe and protected in unpredictable times.

Stay safe!

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